questions about birth control.

  • Ok my husband and I are done having children. Butwe do want something reverseable for that just incase. I told him I'm not taking BC because It has to many side effects. Nor will I insert anything in my vagina that really freaks me out. Surgery is permanent for woman. So that leaves my husband getting snipped. I told him I gave him two beautiful children naturally I'm not going under the knife.
    So my question is how reverseble is a vasectomy? My husband said he would have the procedure done.

  • Vasectomies are reversible but not likely to be effective.

    Now days you don't have to go under the knife to have your tubes tied. They can do it microscopically through your belly button.

  • I more worried about the side effects. My sister told me her periods got way worse after having her tubes tied. So did my Moms. I really don't wanna to take a chance of having that happen to me. Having period already bad enough. Do you know how much the proceedure cost who do I contact? Urologist? @monkey_girl

  • JessibearJessibear May 2013

    They are reversable and my best friends husband actually had it reversed and she is nine months pregnant. So it does happen but I don't think the chances are real high after a reversal.

  • We've really talked about it. He is all for it. So I told him that's fine. Saves me the trouble of taking something or going under the knife. @Jessibear

  • Essure ? Its permanent.

    "Midwives see birth as a miracle and only mess with it if there's a problem; doctors see birth as a problem and if they don't mess with it, it's a miracle!"--Barbara Harper
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  • Im in the same boat exept that hb does not want to get fixed .... this its my 4th im 26@!!! Im done

    @Bahamamama4828 I seen that its any secondary effects?

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  • My insurance covers it 100%. You should call yours. For a vasectomy, without insurance, is $500.

  • My dr does not reverse a tubal.

  • Minx1018Minx1018 May 2013

    Most insurance companies will not cover reverse sterilization so keep in mind that if you do change your mind it will very likely come out of your pocket

  • I have pregnancy medicaid. My husband has nothing. Before too long we will have to get insurance because of Obama care. So that's when we will have the procedure done. That pricing is not to bad. I know I'm not getting no tubals or anything like that unless there is something medically wrong with me. @bahamamama4828 @2girls_1boy @monkey_girl @heather3girls1boy @minx1018

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  • He is sure which I support. I would like more children. But two is all we can handle. If we really want another even after he gets snipped then we will pay for the reversal. But I agree with him and support him. Its hard for me to seperate wants and needs lol. @homebirthadvocate

  • Minx1018Minx1018 May 2013

    Please don't have him get snipped with the mindset of we can just reverse it. I just had my tubal reversed and it is so painful. Plus it is not 100% guaranteed and it cost a shit ton of money, every bit of it out of pocket.

  • No he wants to. I just set my mind that way. He is completely done having children. I may want more but we don't need more. If you get what Im saying. He is better at seperating wants and needs than myself lol. @minx1018

  • WilsomomWilsomom May 2013

    Technically no one needs to have's a desire of your heart. I'm worried if you guys do something permenant you may get resentful some day. :(

  • 08110811 May 2013

    Agreed @wilsomom reversal is around 10000 out of pocket ins will not cover..then no guarantees.

  • Minx1018Minx1018 May 2013

    That is exactly what concerns me too @wilsomom it sucks so bad :-(

  • Like I said I'm not getting anything done. My husband is positive on having it done. So I will support him. He said two children is enough for him. even if something was to happen with "us" that he wouldn't want children with another person. @wilsomom If anything we could adopt or even get fur babies lol. I even got to thinking my one aunt take in exchange students. Of course this would be way down the road.

  • Minx1018Minx1018 May 2013

    I was positive about my tubal too but within 6 months I had sunk into depression like never before. I wish my husband hadn't supported me in it because then I wouldn't be where I am now :-(

  • Yea I couldn't imagine getting a tubal unless it was a life or death situation. I told my husband that I wasn't getting anything like that. But he said he would get a vasectomy just because its easier and less recovery time. I didn't even mention him getting anything done. Im fine with not having sex while ovulating and pulling out. He is really dead set on not having anymore children. Which I'm fine with. We have 1boy(18months) 1girl(5daysold)

  • julesjules May 2013

    Well my husband said he didn't want anymore after we had our daughter bc he already has another one from his ex so for him it's two. I thought I may want more so we waited on his vasectomy be wanted to do it too. So he thought at the time. Then when my daughter was actually born we both were so in love wanted another. Now I'm pregnant and we said were good so he may get it after this baby but now we're soo excited were going to keep waiting just in case. So from our experience it's good to wait. I know we would not be doing well right now if I wasn't pregnant it can really change the relationship. I don't think it should be done unless both know forsure that they don't want anymore not just that they don't need anymore. When it comes to kids it's not need is a want for sure!

  • My husband is getting fixed as soon as this baby is born. Two kids are more than enough for us and I know we don't want any more. If you and your hubby feel confidant about this then don't let anyone try to talk you out of it @stephforever89

  • perlyperly May 2013

    @stephforever89 you now have two kids in the house, so only you and him know how much you can handle. If you both feel like this is the correct thing to do, then he should definitely get a vasectomy.
    I totally get your point. You're not saying you are going to have the vasectomy reversed in a few years, you're only acknowledging that if it were to come down to it, you have the choice of getting it reversed.

  • WilsomomWilsomom May 2013

    You are very admirable for supporting your hubby like that! And I'm sorry if I started anything, I just worry about you! Lol :)

  • Thanks ladies we gotta save money up for the procedure.@perly @wilsomom thank you it really means alot :)

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