any other february 2014 momma's

  • Rissalee7Rissalee7 June 2013

    My edd is february 11th. Heartburn/acid reflux is so bad with this obe even chocolate gives me an acidic throat. This is our second baby.

    Lovin my baby girl Kailee
  • Mine is feb 14th. Valentines Day :X

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  • Rissalee7Rissalee7 June 2013

    Congratulations hun

    Lovin my baby girl Kailee
  • Thanks. You too!

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  • I've had bad heart burn too. I take tums to help

  • I'm a February 2014 mommy :) 2.1.14 is my due date!

  • hsweetie21hsweetie21 June 2013

    Im a feb 2014 mommy due by lmp 2-13-2014

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  • luvmy5luvmy5 August 2013

    Valentines Day here! Anyone know gender yet or have names picked? How are you feeling? Showing? @rissalee7 @hopefulmom2b @pauljrsmommy @mommylovessparkle @hsweetie21

  • Heyy :) @luvmy5 They told me they were 80% sure its a girl and they confirm it on sept 4th :) Im showing and feeling movement since 14 weeks maybe once a day a few pokes. My morning sickness went away but my emotions went up sky high. When I cry I *tmi* get nauseated and throw up and I litterally cant stop sneezing and peeing at the same time I go through underwear so quick I need to buy pads asap!

  • luvmy5luvmy5 November 2013

    How are all the February 2014 mommas doing? @rissalee7 @hopefulmom2be @pumpkincupcake0307 @mommylovessparkle @hsweetie21

  • Im doing good :) Major pelvic pain constantly though (I have spd... again.) But im getting through it! Im getting so tired of being pregnant lol its so painful and tiring! Thankfully my 2yo helps me pick things off the floor and get me things that are easy for her to grab. Shes such a big help! :) My belly seems huge to me and im starting to waddle lol. I love feeling princess peanut move and wiggle. I cant wait until shes here! :) How are you doing?

  • HopefulMom2BeHopefulMom2Be November 2013

    Good, thanks. Extremely tired again. If I sit too long, when I stand up my pelvic bone is sore and it is difficult to walk (like I've been riding a horse). I love this part though. I have an active baby who lets me know everyday that he's ok. And I am in the count down. I want him to keep baking but I can't wait to meet my dancing jumping bean.

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  • I'm not a feb mama :p I'm jan mama sprry. Was just trying to help with the heart burn or relate. Lol

  • 2ndtimearound2ndtimearound November 2013

    I'm not technically a Feb 2014 mama, my due date is not until 3/11/14, but since I have diabetes my doctor has me prepared for induction at the end of February. I will try to avoid, if the baby is not measuring big & my blood sugar is controlled I'm hoping to make it to my due date.

    Yesterday I felt her moving all around my ribs and it was kinda painful. I think she doing somersaults in there. I haven't pick a name yet, we just keep referring to her as "new baby". I want to have the name picked soon, it's just so hard.

  • luvmy5luvmy5 November 2013

    @mommylovessparkle I'm okay. Have been sick entire time and have SPD as well like I did with my others. It hurts so bad. It seems so far away to give birth because of the holidays and new year. I'm so ready to be close so I can get back to normal and never be pregnant again. I'm too old for this!
    @hopefulmom2be has it gone by quick for you? Mine has gone quickly but now that we are closer it seems to have slowed down.
    @pumpkincupcake0307 oh, oops! How are you anyway?
    @2ndtimearound I see. I hope all goes well for you regardless.

  • HopefulMom2BeHopefulMom2Be November 2013

    It has gone pretty fast but at the same time I feel like I have been pregnant for forever.
    I am kind of ready to be done ghost ut definitely don't want him coming early.
    My dd was born at 36 weeks, which is just 8 weeks away. Kind of crazy to think of it that way.

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  • luvmy5luvmy5 November 2013

    @hopefulmom2be I am right there with you. I know every day baby is in there (aside from major medical complications) is best; but it does feel like its been forever at times. Especially when I'm still sick and I can barely move or walk. I had one at 35 weeks and it was a very dangerous situation of why and it still scares me to think of it happening again and she had no problems just was very small at 4lbs. I am definitely looking forward to never being pregnant again though. I know its a gift and all that but I can't do it again. I want to treasure this pregnancy but again its hard when sick and have no rest with house, kids and animals. Oh well, no rest is part of the mom contract, right? Lol! I am excited to see what he looks like and to snuggle and nurse and all that which makes me feel like its never going to get here.

  • @luvmy5 I agree spd is horrifically painful :( it makes me not ever want to be pregnant again. However I do want to have one more in about 5 years when I find the right guy.

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