baby hasnt moved in 2-3 days?

  • Getting worried she usually moves all the time. Its been 2-3 days and she hasn't been moving at all?? I was thinking maybe its the heat?? Idk. I'm 21 weeks.:/

  • 21 weeks is very early, she won't get constant for quite a bit longer :)

  • K thanks. I just don't remember when my first started kicking.

  • perlyperly July 2013

    You should call your doctor. If she was moving all the time and then all of a sudden she's not moving, that can be a sign that something is wrong. Follow your gut. If it worries you, call in and get your questions answered so that you can get that peace of mind.

  • WilsomomWilsomom July 2013

    I would definitely call, that doesn't sound right. Have you tried drinking or eating something sweet then laying on your left side & checking for movement? You might want to try that for an hour or so & if you don't feel anything then call.

  • ^^^I agree. Call your doctor immediately. Better to be safe than sorry.

    Try putting some ice on your belly, see if that gets her moving.

  • Hmm, I though 21 weeks was early. Sorry @new_mama2011 =((

  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 July 2013

    I went a whole weekend one time without feeling my baby at 20wks. Just lay down for a bit

  • MijitaMijita July 2013

    They don't have you start monitoring kicks until about 28 weeks because before then there is plenty of room. It's not uncommon to not feel baby consistently at this age in time. If it's unusual to you, then I'd go in to be checked.

  • Thanks everyone.

  • veeveeveevee July 2013

    It could be the way the baby is positioned. Sometimes they could be kicking up a storm but you don't feel it due to how the may have positioned themselves.

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  • julesjules July 2013

    I wouldn't stress but so ask the doc just in case. But could be early still or baby moved, or switched schedule maybe been moving at night while your asleep.

  • It can be normal to not feel her because of a position she is in. Drink sime juice and lay down. See if you feel anything. If not, Id call the doc to put your mind at ease.

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