• Can I Put Sunblock On My 2 Month Old? The Bottle Says 6Months But Im Worried That She Is Going To Get Burnt I Keep Her Shaded As Much As Possible But There Is No Shade At My Apartment AndMy 21MonthOld Is Getting Tired Of Being Inside All Day.. Has Any One Else Put Sunblock On A 2Month Old?

  • They say its not recommended use hat spf 50 bathing suit with white shirt on and under a spf 50 umbrella

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  • JessibearJessibear July 2013

    I don't think your suppose to at that age.

  • We use this one! And it's safe that young!

    It is kind of pricey, but a little goes a long way! Plus it isn't full of crap like other sunscreens!

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