• I need advice and experiences with both of these since I cant convince my dr to tie my tubes being only 21 with 2 kids. I want to know weight gain, bleeding timd after inserted, pros and cons, side effects ect. My dr went over all the basic info really well but nothing better then firsthand experience. Thanks (:

  • JessibearJessibear July 2013

    I had the mirena and spotted off and on for about six weeks than no longer had periods. I had no weight gain and not many side effects from it. I could never feel the strings so it made me nervous as your are suppose to check them monthly and my partner hated it because he could feel it during sex, it was poking him. Mine was painful to have inserted but some say they don't feel anything. I had my removed after 11 months as I started to get lower stomach pain and I'm unsure if I would ever get it again.

  • mommy2twomommy2two July 2013

    I just got mirena July 8th, I didn't feel any pain when the doc was inserting it, maybe because I took ibuprofen before hand..and I've been spotting on and off ever since then....but no period yet.

  • Where do u live? In Nevada u just have to be 21 with at least one child. Im 22 just had my second baby and im getting the essure permanent birth control next month

  • WilsomomWilsomom July 2013

    My daughter got the copper iud & didn't find out her body rejected it until she was pregnant & had a miscarriage a week later. They said she could never get an iud again.

  • MythicaMythica July 2013

    I'm tying at 22 with 2 kids.

    Where'd you go? I miss you so. Seems like it's been forever since you've been gone. Please come back home...


  • KymAliKymAli July 2013

    I had the Mirena for about 4 months and I could have seen at all because I was bleeding all the time. I just took it out myself and haven't had any bleeding or a period since. Me and my Husband are practicing NFP now and it's been working for 8 months so far. :)

  • BmccaskillBmccaskill July 2013

    I got the iud after my first son and had no problems at all. I didn't have any pain when they put it in. I get my period every month, I only spot for about 2-3 days and that's it. when we wanted to have another child,I got it out and was pregnant the same month! I love it! I currently have it.I have had no side effects at all

  • I'm 23 with 2 kids (11 months apart) and begged my doctor to tie my tubes. He wouldn't do it. I picked the pill and hated it. So then I got mirena. I love it! No pain during insertion other than a few mins of cramping. I bled for a few weeks than started having regular periods for a few months after that. It's definitely lightened my periods though. I could make it with just a panty liner. My partner has never felt it during sex. It's great not having to remember a pill everyday and worrying if I miss one.

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