Unassisted Birth (Freebirth)

  • FateFate October 2013

    I have decided to go it alone with hubby, at home! I'm very excited! Of course hubby has made me compromise a couple of things. If I go into labor before 37 weeks, I have to see a doctor. If labor lasts more than 36 hours, I have to see a doctor. If he or I feel anything is wrong, I have to see a doctor, etc. I'm getting a birthing pool, and if I get tired I'll have an air bed on the floor to take a nap on (easy clean up). I'm going to have a video camera set up for my experience. I've been reading a lot to prepare for the day and I will keep preparing for the next 17 weeks. I'll be on Facebook updating if anyone wants to add me to join in the excitement! My due date is January 26th, so I still have a lot of time. :) We aren't finding out the gender so labor by ourselves is going to be so worth it for the extra surprise when the baby is born!

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 October 2013

    Wow Vinessa that's amazing!! I would love to do a homebirth next time but idk if I'd be brave enough to do it alone!!! You're one strong mama!! I was just wondering yesterday if you knew what you were having. Thats so exciting!! Are you going to have any of the kids there??

  • FateFate October 2013

    @starrxoxo9 I haven't asked her yet, but I REALLY want my 7 year old to be with me. She's such a good helper and has a very calming nature about her. Plus, she LOVES babies.

  • Its definitely not my thing, I am a "give me the drugs now" kinda gal lol, but I think that what you are doing is so commendable and will be a very beautiful experience.

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 October 2013

    Do you think it will be scary for her if your in a lot of pain?

  • FateFate October 2013

    @ExcitedForOctober Thanks so much! I had drugs with my four previous labors, though I'm not ashamed of it, I know I could do it without them. I know I'm going to be a bucket full of tears when I see him/her for the first time! I know it's the hormones right now but I'm tearing up just thinking about it.

    @starrxoxo9 If she says yes, we'll prepare together so she knows what to expect. Of course if I feel she's not handling it very well, I'll ask someone to come get her if she wants. She was there during the beginning of my last labor, but left before I gave birth.

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 October 2013

    I bet she'll do great :) We have that mothering instinct from such a young age. I watched a show about unassisted births (on TLC I think) and when the babies are born they are just so calm and content. I think we tend to underestimate mother nature, I mean, the human race DID survive for thousands of years without hospitals ;)

  • 5lilangels5lilangels October 2013

    Wonders if I can talk hubby into doing this

  • FateFate October 2013

    @starrxoxo9 I know she will! :) I know she'll be so involved.

    @5lilangels I was afraid hubby wouldn't go for it, at first he said he'll think about. Then a few hours later he was on board as long as I promised to seek medical care if something isn't right. This is his baby too, so I was thankful he's being supportive.

  • julesjules October 2013

    That sounds nice! I was wondering if you do it alone and you tear or something especially on theinside what do you do? I was actually thinking about this could days ago myself. That's the only thing that I was curious about. Like I didn't tear first time and my husband's has delivered few babies on his own but he doesn't usually stitch people up the doc do that since his usually at the hospital by then.

  • FateFate October 2013

    @jules I tore on the inside with my son (4th baby), I didn't get any stitches. I even had a small episiotomy with my first and didn't get stitches. Both were hospital births. Pushing too hard and too fast is what usually causes tearing. 1st degree, and 2nd degree tearing don't usually need any treatment and will heal on their own. Very unlikely to get a tear above 2nd at home because you're pushing on your own time and aren't rushed to get the baby out. :)

  • coltensmammacoltensmamma October 2013

    You are amazing...i cant wait to read your birth story!!

  • FateFate October 2013

    @coltensmamma Thanks! :)

  • M%C3%A1thairMáthair October 2013

    I could never do that I'd be to worried about things going wrong. I'd at least have to have a midwife or something. Personal opinion not saying you should.

    You are obviously braver than I am with child birth. You know what's right for you and as long as you are taking precautions in case of emergencies good for you!

  • M%C3%A1thairMáthair October 2013

    Did you have to get special clearance or permission to do this?

    I honestly never read about home births in general and I've never heard about alone births. Outside of unplanned ones because people couldn't get to the hospital. I could never do it but it seems like an interesting concept to me.

  • FateFate October 2013

    @Máthair No special clearance or permission. :) Every mother is qualified to birth a baby at home by herself. I know it's not for everyone and proper research should be done by those who want to do it. I bought a birthing kit that has everything we'll need in it. If something doesn't feel right, I only live 5 minutes from the hospital. Thanks for the support!

  • julesjules October 2013

    That's cool..ya I didn't tear hoping I don't this time..I could never do it at home I think if be too worried of just in case something wrong with baby. But I wish you the best I hope you have an amazing experience :)

  • WilsomomWilsomom October 2013

    That is so awesome! I've always dreamed of home birth, but never had enough guts. You might like this: http://rixarixa.blogspot.com/2011/03/ingas-birth-story-part-1.html
    Of course, I'm sure you've probably looked up tons already! :)

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 October 2013

    @wilsomom wow that was an awesome read!!

  • monkey_girlmonkey_girl October 2013

    More power to you! I would be to scared of things going wrong.

  • WilsomomWilsomom October 2013

    @starrxoxo9 Yeah I really liked it, & the videos make me feel better because I vocalize almost the same way & it's always embarrassing!!

  • FateFate October 2013

    @jules Thanks!!
    @wilsomom I loved that! Even when she had to breathe for baby she did what she had to. Thank you!
    @monkey_girl Thank you so much!

  • perlyperly October 2013

    You are the bomb dot com lol. That is so cool! I'd so do something like that but maybe when I have my last baby lol.

  • adding1moreadding1more October 2013

    That's awesome and I can't wait to hear ur birth story. I hope everything goes great I think it would b an amazing experience.

  • momofSOONtobe7momofSOONtobe7 October 2013

    If I ever have another one I'm having a home birth. My hubby delivered my last son at the hospital bc I was having a vbac. If it weren't for me having a vbac I would of stayed home!!! Home births are becoming so much more common. I wish you the best of luck!!! I'm sure youll do fine!!!

  • %5BDeleted+User%5D[Deleted User] October 2013

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  • FateFate October 2013

    Thanks ladies! I'm still very excited and I only have 98 days to go!!

  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 November 2013

    Oooh keep us updated of course!

  • My2BoysMy2Boys January 2014

    Birth story?

    Logan James 9/3/08
    Jaksyn Josiah 9/13/11
  • FateFate January 2014

    @My2Boys I posted it. :)

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