Is it weird???

  • perlyperly October 2013

    @wilsomom @kayleigh27 @excitedforoctober and anyone else that can help...

    My son is circumcised, but it doesn't look like it. Is it supposed to look like that? I mean i can still push the skin back (his pedi told me to do it) but it will close back up. I forgot what procedure was done on him by the way.
    Its funny because i have a friend who chose to not circumcise her son and she was amazed that i chose to do it. But when my son was like two months old, she changed his diaper and she noticed that his penis actually looked very similar to her uncircumcised son so she asked if i had gone through it or not.

    Anyway, long story short, my son doesn't look circumcised and i was wondering if that's normal?

  • debsdebs October 2013

    My friends son who is two months older looks like he is uncircumcised she brought it to my attention after our boys took a bath together after cake fight lol. I was surprised because it doesn't look like she got it done but she talked to the Dr just in case enough wasn't taken off she would get it fixed as soon as possible think the Dr said when he grows up it should be fine. She never got another surgery and that was a year ago. Maybe ask the Dr if it was me I would just to make sure and to get it fixed before he gets to much older

  • perlyperly October 2013

    @debs I don't think there's a problem with it because his pedi checked it out at 2 months old and he pulled the skin back and that's when he told me to pull the skin back to clean it. If it were to turn out that there wasn't enough skin cut off, I would not put him through that again. His circumcision healed perfectly even his pedi told me that, so unless it causes a problem I just couldn't do it. I mean his foreskin can be pulled all the way back and it doesn't hurt him, so I just wouldn't do it.

  • debsdebs October 2013

    I was just trying to say it might be common because your not the first i have heard of this my friends son was circumcised but didn't look like the other two boys and the Dr said it was fine.
    But if it were my son and enough wasn't taken off I would be on the fence but I know what my husband would want to do and that would be to get it fixed. But totally see why you wouldn't.

  • perlyperly October 2013

    @debs yeah I understand. My husband would probably want to get it fixed too, but I just wouldn't. The only way I would get it fixed is if there's actually a problem with it or its causing him problems like not being able to pee or something like that. I will double check with his Dr. though.

  • WilsomomWilsomom October 2013

    My last son's turned out just like that! He's 2 now & has sort of grown into it so to speak. Someone told me they do "loose" circumcisions now. One Dr. said it was done wrong & one Dr. said it was fine. Lol But I'm like you, I don't wanna put him through it again, especially since he's older.

  • perlyperly October 2013

    @wilsomom Adrian will probably grow into his too. I know for sure the skin didn't attach to the head or anything while healing, cause I can pull it all the way back... His doctor said it healed perfectly fine so I'm not really worried I was just wondering if anyone else's son had it the same.

  • julesjules October 2013

    My friends son was the same and just like @wilsomom said she was told they leave a little more now because they found it better turn out one the boy is bigger guess it's better. If his doc says it's healed well I personally would trust that or you can get second opinion if it makes you feel better. And like you said you wouldn't want to put him through it again unless medical reason. I think your son will be just fine :) hope that can help you feel little better!

  • With both of my sons you can tell there's a big difference in the before and after. I think he might have not had enough taken off, it happens sometimes and sometimes they take too much off. I would probably be the same way and not take him back, I'm sure it will be just fine.

  • veeveeveevee October 2013

    Thanks for the heads up ladies. @perly, @debs, @Wilsomom, @jules, @ExcitedForOctober.

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  • musicmommamusicmomma October 2013

    my first son is the same! both the pedi in the hospital and his regular pedi told me some boys are born with a "pooge of fat" (not the technical term, but that's the dumbed down version for me) above their penis to where the penis isn't fully descended yet because of it. if you push on the pooge you can tell cause the penis will push out a bit more. anyway- so they take less skin during the circ so that by the time the pooge goes away (between 1-5 yrs old) and the penis is extended out as it should be there's enough skin left over to where it's balanced if that makes sense. whereas if they took too much skin in the beginning, by the time the penis extended out, there could be permanent damage that couldn't really be fixed. it could be painful for them later on so better safe than sorry is pretty much why they do it like that.
    I honestly have worried myself sick over his circ from the beginning, but I've been reassured by diff pedis that the pooge is normal, that his circ is fine and healed properly and just to do what you've been doing pulling it back to clean. my son's will get adhesions to where the skin seals to the penis, so my pedi told me to make sure and put some a&d or Vaseline around it to prevent it from doing that further. his pedi said as long as you can see the mushroom that it's fine and he'll grow into it.
    sorry that's a lot of info and I hope it makes sense. :-)

  • WilsomomWilsomom October 2013

    @musicmomma That sounds exactly like my son...he's a little fatty and was 9lb 11oz at birth so he definitely had that "pooge" lol. That makes a ton of sense now. It does extend out more if I push on the pooge. Did you all know that the penis actually extends way deep inside a man? I never knew that until we were reading an anatomy book recently. Lol

  • perlyperly October 2013

    @jules @excitedforoctober @musicmomma @wilsomom thank you for answering my question. I'll double check with his pedi but im almost certain that it'll be fine.

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