• debsdebs October 2013

    Called my Dr office to find out when I will get a ultrasound I'm 9 weeks now they said not till 20-24 weeks I'm so bummed out with my son at the same Dr office they did one around 8 weeks. My husband thinks its because of all the new Obama healthcare crap. I just want to know if my baby is OK I have to wait till the end of the month to hopefully even hear my babies heart beat. This is going to be a long wait

  • Kimberly4411Kimberly4411 October 2013

    That's odd, they usually do a vaginal one at the first appointment to make sure it's a viable pregnancy and see how many baby's there are, how would you know if you need to take it easy?
    Very strange
    I'm sure little bean is fine though :)

  • debsdebs October 2013

    I just set up appointment with a 3d 4d place so I can get answers I'm all ready going crazy. I can't go till 10 weeks so I already have an appointment for 35$ ill do it

  • perlyperly October 2013

    $35 is a very good price... I know what its like to worry. I also couldn't wait till i had my first ultrasound.

  • debsdebs October 2013

    Its a quick one its only ten minutes long but I think for the peace of mine to know everything is OK or if something happen and not continue to think the baby is still OK. I rented a Doppler but can't pick up heart beat it spikes to 144 but I dont hear it. The Dr office said maybe at 10 weeks but probably closer 12 I can find it

  • HopefulMom2BeHopefulMom2Be October 2013

    Actually, it is common to have to wait until 20 weeks unless there is a concern or you are unsure of your due date. I get multiple ultrasounds in the beginning because I've had 2 miscarriages and an ectopic that blew out my tube. I have friends and family who didnt get one until 20 weeks.

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  • debsdebs October 2013

    She said she was going to keep a close eye on me my second baby was a still born. I never had a miscarriage. Maybe that's why with my third they gave me one around 8 ish weeks. I don't know anyone can wait 20 weeks I'm 9 weeks and driving my husband crazy

  • julesjules October 2013

    That's really weird especially since your second was still born you would think the doc would want to be more on top of things. I had one early one like the others said to make sure there's only one baby and everything is normal. Then I had one at almost 28 weeks then I just had one at 32 weeks just to make sure baby is growing at good rate because I have epilepsy so my doc wants to be safe then sorry. Even though my first was good size baby my doc just wants to be safe bc the baby been down for couple weeks now and I'm kinda measuring small. I sure hope the doc changes her mind and does keep close eye on you. And my doc has always listened to the babies great beat every appointment.

  • debsdebs October 2013

    Just tried with the hubby and we found the babies heart beat I got peace of mind for a day maybe a lil more. I'm going to see next time I go in if the Dr will change her mind or I'll see the Dr who handled my previous pregnancy. They said I have to see all 4 during my pregnancy at least once

  • sands3sands3 October 2013

    With both my boys, I had my first ultrasound between 8-9 weeks

  • debsdebs October 2013

    My best friend has the same exact ins as me oyr husband's are in the same union and she gets three ultrasounds but she is now 34 weeks pregnant and had it all before ins changed budget cuts. Oh well nothing I can do put pay out of pocket now

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