possible baby number 2: scared, nervous, excited...need opinions

  • newmama16newmama16 October 2013

    After not being with anyone for almost a year, I find an amazing guy who loves my daughter like his own, she loves him, but uhh...now I might be pregnant, and only 2 weeks before my appointment to get an IUD.
    I got my last period 2 weeks ago, on time and as it usually comes. The past week i have been very tired and now for the past 3 days ive had a loss of appetite, been nausous, random smells make me wanna hurl, but im not convinced. [-X
    Originally, when I first started talking to my bf, he said he doesn't want any, my LO would be enough for him and thrilled me. Since I made the appointment for the IUD 2 weeks ago, he's been telling me how badly he wants one and that he doesn't think I should get it done. Now that we think I might be pregnant, he's super stoked and while I wouldn't mind having another I don't feel ready. Abortion is 150% out of the question and I don't think I could handle giving up a piece of me for adoption, so if I am, I am.
    I think its too soon to take a test, but I'm wondering what yu guys think...much appreciated :)

  • debsdebs October 2013

    Everyone is different but I was surprise I found out I was pregnant at three weeks. We were trying and I didn't have any symptoms. If your not maybe talk about having babies in the future if that's what you feel comfortable in. But like you said if you are you are. And sounds like you two will make the best of it. Seems like some guys don't think they want a kid till it might actually be real then they get thinking about how its something they really do want.

  • julesjules October 2013

    Well just take the test you never know. Until you do. And you know exactly what you want which is if you are you will keep the baby. No matter what we all know it will all work out all children are blessing. And as far as your bf I wouldn't base how you feel about a possible pregnancy off of anyone else. He may want one now and not earlier or possibly freak out later who knows. You can goover different ideas it your head forever. If it were me I would just take it one day at a time and focus on how you feel :) update when you find out for sure!

  • newmama16newmama16 October 2013

    i found out i was pregnant w my daugter at 3 weeks cus i had headaches, sore breasts, and the smell of coffee (which i used to love drinking, hated after i had her, and suddenly crave) would make me sick instantly. i dnt want to knock it off as just being sick cus hes so excited. i will def keep yu updated and thank yu both, when do yu think would be a good time to test? i just had my period the 14th-18th and mildly light comparitively. since my LO they have been pretty heavy and this one was light-normal. @debs @jules

  • newmama16newmama16 October 2013

    also, i dont know if this is considered a symptom, but ive lost probably 10+ lbs in the last month. no real diet change except the sudden lack of appetite, but thats only been the past few days...

  • julesjules October 2013

    Well if you had a period two weeks ago you would be ovulating around now unless you think what was your period was implantation bleeding then you can probably test now. Just get couple of tests try it if nothing then wait week. Well that's what I would do. But sounds like you had regular period since it was 4 days of blood in row. Like I said earlier you would therefore be ovulating now so just have to wait and see if you miss your next period which should be in two weeks right?

  • newmama16newmama16 October 2013

    According to my menstration calendar app I'm due to have AF on the 10th. @jules

  • veeveeveevee October 2013

    You can actually ovulate 3 days after your period. Its not really rare, it's happened on a few occasions. They call women like that early/fast breeders.

    What app do you use? I was using a few different apps. Fertility Friend, MyDays and Ovuview. Granted the FF app is what helped me pregnant. The Ovuview app is good for TTC and not getting pregnant. MyDays is a good app but I mainly used it to track my period.

    Well I will say you have yourself a good man. I'm glad its not often women find a man that like yours. I love it when a man steps up to the plate another and take care of another mans child.

    I don't think you're pregnant though. Like @jules said take test to ease your mind instead of waiting for the next period.

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  • newmama16newmama16 October 2013

    I just took a test this morning cus I hear the first pee of the day is best to use...took a min but came up negative. I'm gonna wait another week and if I'm still sick I'm gonna test again. @jules

    The app I'm using is menstration calendar, it shows up as M Calendar probably for privacy purposes. Its been spot on since I started using it about 3-4 months ago. Says the 24th-29th was my ovulation; don't know how accurate that is tho cus I only use it to track my period.

    Thank you, he is pretty amazing. I told him he doesn't need to be 'new daddy' but he does treat her like his own while also respecting the fact she's mine. 8-> @veevee

  • julesjules October 2013

    Well if your cycle is normal I don't think you are but you never know sometimes our bodies can do weird things. But if it's not do until the 10th you gotta wait it out and see. Wish you luck!

  • G%26EsMamaG&EsMama October 2013

    My af is due between the 9-11 and I just ovulated either sunday or monday. So the only way you would be preggo if you ovulated way early. Good luck and keep us updated!

  • newmama16newmama16 November 2013

    Well ladies, I went in today to get the IUD and they told me they couldn't do it cus they can't put an IUD in a pregnant woman! Pregnant I sure am! I'm having mixed feelings...my boyfriend is super excited, my dad is well, being a dad, and my mom is pissed. Because I've been high risk, and my family are all (excuse my language) assholes, I've decided not even to tell anyone til at least after my first trimester. So there yu guys go, update complete :)
    @jules @veevee @G&EsMama @debs

  • julesjules November 2013

    I think I would ban l feel and do the same in your shoes. I'm excited for you!!!

  • debsdebs November 2013

    Congratulations. Don't let your family get to you. Your an adult they need to stay out of your business if they can't be happy for you.

  • WilsomomWilsomom November 2013

    Congrats!! How far along are you?

  • newmama16newmama16 November 2013

    Thanks everyone! @Jules @debs
    Im pretty nervous and i feel had cus of how excited my bf is and im just realistic thinking about bills, work, school, etc.
    I have an appt next week to find out but according to this app I'm 4 weeks and 4 days, going by my last period. @wilsomom

  • debsdebs November 2013

    My first was unplanned and we were scared but I would never change it. Somethings are meant to be. You got 9 months to plan and be prepared. At least you have a bf excited look on the bright side.

  • RaylansMommy1RaylansMommy1 November 2013

    I found out this last time at 3 weeks 5 days and I didn't have any symptoms I jut take random pregnancy test and this one showed positive

  • julesjules November 2013

    Well good luck at your appointment. And I think it's good to be realistic I'm that way with financial things all the time..but try to enjoy it as well :) it will all work out!

  • adri805adri805 November 2013


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