Pregnant with Depo!!

  • ZekesMommyZekesMommy November 2013

    My baby girl is 4 months old and I have a two year old. I'm a stay at home mom and honestly I'm just getting the hang of two youngsters an I just got a bombshell at my doctors office that I am 2months! I used the Depo shot so I am having mixed feelings about this. .. I'm upset and overwhelmed but I lovvveeee my kids more than the world but I really don't know what to do I've cried, screamed and drove everyone away. I don't feel like the smart comments and dirty looks. All my babies are July babies thats kinda cool but I don't know how to make of this situation. Not to mention I have been with my children's father for 6 years I'm 24, we are married 6 months the 22nd of this month and all of my children are by him so everyone that makes comments to me really piss me off. I'm not like the other 24 year olds in my area and I'm very mature and take care of my children everyday. No pawning them off on everyone my daughter hasn't left my side since birth and my son visits the night with my mom once a month if that so I think I'm doing damn good raising my children. I need some advice I feel torn and confused and terrified to think of abortion and I could never carry my baby watch it be born and give it away so I hate to say I feel like I'm stuck between a rock and a hard place...

  • julesjules November 2013

    Well just from reading what you are saying. Sounds like the only reason you feel confused is because of others opinions. Which in my opinion who cares? Your married your kids are happy and healthy. Not sure if you wanted more but looks like God wanted you to have more and soon. I would not think at all what others might say but just think about how you and your family feel about it and go from there. And also as far as whomever is being judgemental they don't even need to know the details. When you are ready to tell others they can either be on your side whatever it may be or they can have their opinion and go get a life. No need for them in yours. And congrats to you!

  • perlyperly November 2013

    If you're a good mom, then why are you listening to what others have to say.
    If they don't pay your bills, if they don't contribute to your life or home their opinion should not matter.
    Its your life, your marriage, your kids, your vagina.... Screw everyone else. Be happy about your pregnancy. Everything happens for a reason and you'll see that this baby will be your reason to live just like your other two are now.

  • adri805adri805 November 2013

    I agree with the other two ladies. Screw what everyone else thinks!! U can do it, third time is the charm. I would be shocked as hell too if I were u. Congrats!!!!

  • Yep I agree with the rest! Forget about whay other think and do you! :)
    Congratulations mama :)

  • ZekesMommyZekesMommy November 2013

    Thank u everyone! See that's y I love me some Pregly! U ladies r awesome and I have to make the best of a unexpected situation lol it's a lot of stress about to come but I have 7 months to figure it out. ..I am in a 2 bedroom townhouse so its pretty crowded already with my 2 year old very active boy and 4 month old baby girl lol looks like this stay at home mommy is about to go back to work! ! Lol

  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 November 2013

    Both my babies are may babies. Yeah you get the rude comments but obviously they have nothing else better to do. Congrats btw. My friend got pregnant while on depo as well

  • I got pregnant on depo too! Congrats! You got this momma. :)

  • RaylansMommy1RaylansMommy1 November 2013

    I am 22 and pregnant with my 3rd also! I had my first at 19 my second a week after my 21st bday and now my 3rd is due at the end of July. So I know exactly how you feel about the 2 being close in age. My first 2 are 15 months apart but I wouldn't change it for nothing. They are very close to each other and it is amazing watching them interact and teach each other new things people will always have an opinion about what they believe is right but in the end you live with your decision everyday not them. And trust me my baby right now and the one on the way were conceived on birth control. I took my birth control everyday at the same time and never missed a pill. I wish the best luck and I know what ever decision you make will be the right one for you. Sometimes you just have to forget what everyone else has to say and listen to your heart and mind. I hope this might help and offer you some comfort!

  • ZekesMommyZekesMommy November 2013

    Yeah I don't know how people even fix their mouths to say some of the things that come out lol hubby's mom said I'm trying to trap him and put him on child support! !! Hello! He married me I can't trap him and last time I checked it takes two to conceive! And the child support comment was just ignorant! We are married and have lived together for 4 years Ihis money is my money and vice versa she's a very immature ignorant woman which is why I keep my distance. I was raised in a very good upper class area in Michigan abd she's used to poverty and stereotypes against young black females. I have never been a penny chaser, crazy baby momma welfare grabbing trying to put my kuds father on child support kind of woman! I'm totally opposite I love my family my husband included and I'm starting to sense a little jealously from her I know it sounds crazy but if u guys kbew the things she does thats about the only way I can explain it! She's always begging my husband to come to her after he gets home from work because she dont want to be alone. Her number is in his phone more than mine and when he wont go to her she comes banging on my door. I allowed her to stay at my house on night because she lost her place and I'm not exaggerating every 5 mins she kept knocking on our bedroom door finally he stopped answering it cause she never wanted anything mind u my hubby works at 5 am well she knocks on the door we ignore her and she barges in and sits on our bed! WTF! I was livid. I told him he has to handle that cause it was getting out of control this was barely a week after I had my 4 month old daughter. He told her she has to respect us abd our house and she told him to just come downstairs and watch tv with her. He said no he has to wake up in a few hours. She left I dozed off when I woke up probably 10 mins later she was standing over us rubbing his back! ! He's a heavy sleeper I shook him and told him never again she cant stay here so now I she says I dont care about her and I'm emotionless and will leave him high and dry! I had just had a baby and she was going crazy mind u she works in a nursing home taking care of people! If thats wjat they higher lord help us because she is a few marbles short of crazy. I don't know what to do when it comes to her but she doesn't care about anyone but herself and I think she's trying to sabotage our marriage :(

  • julesjules November 2013

    She sounds crazy! I'm sorry you both have to deal with that. I can't even imagine a grown person doing something like that in their right mind..don'tworry about her when it comes to your marriage that's only between you and your hubby.

  • ZekesMommyZekesMommy November 2013

    @jules Yes she is kimda awful I try my hardest to respect her because that just who I am but she broke my last straw when I found out she gave my 2 year old wine I really want to report her honestly but I just keep my kids away from her now and she is upset about that also I have really mixed feelings towards her she helped me a lot during my pregnancy and never did anything craxy like this until we got married and now I am concerned if she gave my son wine while he was in her care so he is no longer left alone with her and she will never be able to watch them again. She onows my history and that I lost my two year old in 09 due to accidental drowning at a neighbors. I will do anything as long as I breathe to protect my children from anyone and she is no exception! She will never be alone with my babies and she has only herself to blame.

  • julesjules November 2013

    I'm so sorry about your loss. .I would feel the same way I wouldn't feel comfortable leaving her with any child yet alone my own..I think you have ever right as parent to make that choice. Have you talked to your hubby about the wine thing? How does he feel?

  • ZekesMommyZekesMommy November 2013

    @jules Yeah I talked to him about it and he confronted her about it but because we don't have proof she was giving it to him besides when I caught her letting him drink from her cup we just decided to not let him alone with her again I barely allow her in my home anymore she knows how I feel and keeps her distance she just likes to talk behind my back and I hear from everyone else what she's said about me smh

  • julesjules November 2013

    Well it's great you guys are on the same page I think you have nothing to worry about when it comes to your relationship. And sounds like you guys are doing great job by not leaving her with your lo that's probably best!

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