Fave period tracker app??

  • musicmommamusicmomma November 2013

    I've always used My Days and have always loved it, but recently it's been acting weird. like I started on the 12th and it's saying my peak to ovulation begins a week after. No thanks, I need something that's really gonna track correctly!
    Anyone have recommendations for one they like? My phone is a samsung galaxy SIII if that matters.

  • julesjules November 2013

    I've always used my days as well works great for me..especially when we wanted to get pregnant ut was right on track.

  • JessibearJessibear November 2013

    I have always used my days.

  • 1stWoodsBaby1stWoodsBaby November 2013

    I've used my days for 3 or 4 years now. Love it.

  • luvmy5luvmy5 November 2013

    Make sure you go to settings and adjust the lengths to your cycle. When you install it, it gives you average lengths. I made that mistake when I got a new phone and never adjusted my cycle or ovulation duration and now I'm 7 months pregnant. Otherwise it worked great for years for me.

  • @Luvmy5 How Do You Change The Settings?

  • luvmy5luvmy5 November 2013

    @angelmonkeymelody go to the button that has the circle gears and you can adjust cycle length, period length, etc.

  • bubblebellybubblebelly November 2013

    I used Fertility Friend :)

  • veeveeveevee November 2013

    MyDays & MyDays X. I have been using MyDays since I got my first Galaxy S and that's been 3 years now. I love that app.

    Another one that's my fave is Fertility Friend. Even though I mainly used that app to help me get pregnant. You can also use it to avoid your ovulation days, so you don't get pregnant.

    Also Ovuview is a good app too.

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  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 November 2013

    Mydays, fertility friend is amazing, pink book(?)

  • PregnantELFPregnantELF November 2013

    I use woman log!

  • veeveeveevee November 2013

    @kayleigh26: Pink Book always seems like an app for teens, lol.

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  • newmama16newmama16 November 2013

    I had been using menstral calendar (the icon looks like a pink calendar and when downloaded its called m. calendar). Works amazing and was dead on! Yu could put in different symptoms yu have every day and yu can set an alarm to go off 1-3 days before ur due. but I'm not sure about the ovulation cycle part...I never paid it much mind.

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