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  • HopefulMom2BeHopefulMom2Be November 2013

    I am taking a poll and accepting suggestions on baby boy names.
    The name my hubby is set on is Gavin Jacob Hughes. Jabob is my husband's name, and he would like for out son to be named after him. L
    I like Gavin - in fact I'm the one who suggested it, but I don't think the name flows well together. In fact I am having a hard time finding anything I like that goes with Jacob.
    What are your thoughts on the name? Also, do you have any suggestions?
    We like different but not crazy. I like country and old fashioned.


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  • Mrz_JacksonMrz_Jackson November 2013

    I like it ! I also really like Landyn jacob

    Ryan Jacob
    Devin Jacob
    Dylan Jacob
    Nicolas Jacob
    Nathan Jacob
    Brayden Jacob
    Dalton Jacob
    Grayson Jacob
    Ashton Jacob
    Asher Jacob

  • bubblebellybubblebelly November 2013

    I think it flows well I like it :)

  • julesjules November 2013

    I personally like it!

  • perlyperly November 2013

    I like it as well. I think its a perfect combination.

  • RaylansMommy1RaylansMommy1 November 2013

    Or you could do Jacob Gavin Hughes

  • If We Ever Have A Boy we Are Naming Him Jaykob james

  • My2BoysMy2Boys November 2013

    I like Gavin Jacob

    Logan James 9/3/08
    Jaksyn Josiah 9/13/11
  • HopefulMom2BeHopefulMom2Be November 2013

    Thanks @Mrz_Jackson @bubblebelly @jules @perly @RaylansMommy1 @Angelmonkeymelody @My2Boys.
    I appreciate all the feedback. I am finally giving in & going with Gavin. Mainly because I'm done thinking about it and also because there doesn't seem to be any chance of changing my husband's mind.

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  • julesjules November 2013

    Well you have some time if you hear anything you really like you never know he might like it as well.

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