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  • adri805adri805 November 2013

    I'm having a hard time finding a name
    I like this time around. My fiancé said he wanted a Greek name for some random reason and then told me I could choose to "keep me occupied" but if course I want something he will Like as well. Some Greek names I liked were Alannis...I forgot the others :/ I found some aztec names I like:
    Izel means unique
    Zaniyah/zyanya means forever, always
    Citlali means star

    I like zaniyah but it's too similar to my LO name which is Amiyah and my older daughter is named Linaya

    As u can tell I like really unique names. Not a big gaming common names. I need help! I'm 6 months and don't have anything picked out yet.

  • I like Izel alot, I have always disliked the name Citlali personally.

  • adri805adri805 November 2013

    @excitedforoctober lol it was one of the easiest to pronounce which is y it made the list lol I also like Izel....I just hope that if in choose it ppl don't think I chose it bc I was copying this one broad I got into a fight with many years back, I think her daughters name is Itzel bc I think I've heard she calls her itzy. Izel is starting to grow on me :) thanks for ur input!!

  • It's very unique, I have never heard it :)

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