• bubblebellybubblebelly November 2013

    Does anyone use other online or app forums?

    If so what and which is best?

    :) x

  • Mrz_JacksonMrz_Jackson November 2013

    I like baby center very nice ladies on there :)

  • Kimberly4411Kimberly4411 November 2013

    The bump is very rude and there are some stupid people on there. I don't ever post but do read some of the stuff.

  • debsdebs November 2013

    I'm using baby center pregnancy and they have some extremely mean ppl. I can't believe the comments that some get for asking a question. Some of the groups are nice but you really got to look and not choice one that has a lot

  • G%26EsMamaG&EsMama November 2013

    Baby center. I was on baby bump but left bc there were more trolls than pregnant women

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