Diaper bag for two

  • HopefulMom2BeHopefulMom2Be November 2013

    Since I am going to have a newborn boy and 2 year old girl in diapers, I am in need of a bigger diaper bag. I currently have a Vera Bradley bag and love it, but it's not big enough to hold outfits, diapers, sippy cups, bottles, snacks, etc for two.
    Does anyone have any suggestions or bags they love? I started looking at the Petunia Pickle Bottom on ebay but I don't know that I like that's it deep but narrow

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  • Kimberly4411Kimberly4411 November 2013

    I like the messenger backpacks, how old is your first? Madison is 2 and I haven't used a diaper bag with her for almost a year now. I keep diapers, wipes, and a change of clothes in the car. If she needs changed while we're out the diapers and wipes are in a little bag I slip into my purse. The only thing I'll put in baby's diaper bag will be snacks for her and maybe a coloring book, but I don't think our outings are going to be very long anytime soon! Lol the thought of shopping with 2 scares me

  • HopefulMom2BeHopefulMom2Be November 2013

    @Kimberly4411 My daughter is two and I still use a diaper bag for her. I always carry diapers, wipes, cream, snacks, sippy cup, and an extra outfit. We will hopefully be doing potty training soon so we will definitely need extra outfits and undies for her.

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  • adri805adri805 November 2013

    I have a coach diaper bag that my sister got me for my last one but to be honest it seems like it's still not big enough. Maybe I just like having too much extra crap. And then when I have my other girl...it's going to be a nightmare. What if u just have a diaper bag for the baby and a toddler size backpack for ur little one to carry. He might like having her own backpack. I think I will do that for my two year old as well

  • OhHowWonderfulOhHowWonderful November 2013

    II just recently bought this one for my two girls, it has a nice big roomy bag that will easily accomodate our newborn and my two year old and a smaller one that's perfect for diapers and little extras like cups etc. Were actually using the smaller bag for this Babys hospital bag, we fit diapers wipes pajamas a pram her take home outfit plus socks and other little must haves with no problem I love the sets price and features!


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  • I thought I was the only one who started to worry about this lol diaper bags are my (not so) guilty pleasure lol. Since I will be carrying it it HAS to be cute and good quality since ill be carrying alot inside i dont want it to break. It had to be room-y enough for my wallet, some makeup, my planner, coupons, pads, medicine for me, my inhaler etc basically my must haves.. plus the diapers for both kids clothes, meds, bottles, formula, reg milk, snacks, thermometer, creams, etc.

    Right now since its just my 2 year old and I, I use my Juicy Couture day dreamer purse. It fits everything plus has a pocket on the outside for her bottle or sippy :) but its NOT big enough at all for two kiddos.

    I seen the cutest betsy johnson diaper bag that was perfect and great quality! It was roomy and had so many pockets and zippers it was beyond perfect. It even had a stroller strap, but I didn't have the money for it at the time. I need to start saving up lol. Im not sure what it was called or what line it came from but I did see it at Ross (a discount store) and it was only $60

  • HopefulMom2BeHopefulMom2Be November 2013

    Thanks all.
    @MommyLovesSparkle that's how I am. I don't carry a purse anymore so it has to be big enough for two kids and me. And I want something that will hold up. My Vera Bradley bag has been great and I livenit. It has really held up cconsidering I have been carrying it on a daily basis for two years. I wish they had a bigger size because I would hust upgrade.
    I will look into the Betsy JohnsJohnsand bag. I have been looing at the Petunia Pickle Bottom, which I think overall might be smaller than my current bag, the JuJuBe Be Prepared bag, Skip Hop Studio, and the JJ Cole Satchel. The Ju Ju Be is the bag I want because it has it all, but I cant gind any cheaper than $175 and I just cant bribring myself to spend that much on a diaper bag. The Skip Hop Studio an JJ Cole Satchel are both good sizes but there are mixed reviews on the quality. I don't want to spend $60/$70 on a bag that is going to fall apart in months.

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  • I feel you on that one. I have to check those out too. I want a good one but i dont want to think expensive because id feel bad that I got an expensive bag when I could've gave that money to my kiddos and bought them something instead. Im having mixed emotions lol.

  • julesjules November 2013

    I'm looking for bag still and baby is due in less than two weeks lol. I want something that's more like purse im not into the way most diaper bags look and what I use now I carry around all the time even if my daughter is not with me. I'm hoping to just find one on Amazon or something....

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