• JoJosmommaJoJosmomma November 2013

    Just curious how early others have experienced symptoms? Not ttc but not exactly preventing either. In my opinion it would be too early, and the dates don't even match up for conception...but am having some pregnancy like symptoms.

  • My2BoysMy2Boys November 2013

    Not until 6-8 weeks for me

    Logan James 9/3/08
    Jaksyn Josiah 9/13/11
  • julesjules November 2013

    Everyone is different but I didn't have anything until 6 weeks with both pregnancies.

  • newmama16newmama16 November 2013

    My daughter I had symptoms at like 3 weeks, this one all I've had is heartburn, but I've always had problems with heartburn so haven't really had any yet...

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