• lovemylife11lovemylife11 November 2013

    My son is a week old and he pooped like 15 times today... he is breast fed and I was concerned BC of how many times he pooped Is this normal?

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  • willothewispwillothewisp November 2013

    Yep it is, with both of mine they'd poop every time they fed at the beginning, thankfully it did slow down after a few weeks.

  • Newborn babies poop alot, especially breastfed but not sure about 15 times, seems like alot...

  • lovemylife11lovemylife11 November 2013

    @ExcitedForOctober he pooped a lot yesterday! Its seemed to slow down a little today

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  • debsdebs November 2013

    At 6 months my son kept pooping a lot 10 times a day. They tested for different things because it is a lot he was also breasted feed and dropped down to under 25% weight. They came back at fast metabolism. Which on my side of the family we all have a fast metabolism

  • veeveeveevee November 2013

    Newborns poop a lot. Especially breastfed babies. DS used to poop a lot then when I put him on formula he hardly pooped Now he's back on breastmilk (weaning the formula) he poops two to three times a day.

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  • 1stWoodsBaby1stWoodsBaby December 2013

    My son use to poop that much when he was first born. I seriously felt like I was constantly changing poop diapers. It eased up after a few weeks

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