potty training

  • a_wagnera_wagner November 2013

    Any good advice for potty training? I feel so over whelmed just by the thought of it but my daughter shows definite signs of interest.

  • debsdebs November 2013

    Start slow be patient. My son showed signs at 20 months and did good for a week then lost intreseted we stuck with it and got back on track. We used candy m&m as a special treat then after a month we took it away slowly. Number 2 took my son a longer time to figure out. 7 months later he is doing amazing hardly ever has a accident. Not potty trained at bed time but that's harder. With my daughter she hated when she peed her undies where it didn't effect my son. And keep asking them if they need to go

  • FateFate November 2013

    Lots of patience and praise for your LO. My 2 year old finished potty learning in about 4 months. Just be consistent. We used a great schedule for the pooping and that was definitely easier for her to learn than peeing.

  • coltensmammacoltensmamma November 2013

    My biggest suggestion is if youre going to do it, do it. Ive potty trained two babies so far with pretty good ease. One at 18 months and one and 20 months. (I realize this is wayyy to early for many toddlers.) But i know a lot of people who will start potty training and when its inconvient for them they throw a diaper back on their toddler. That does nothing for them but confuse them. Pick a time when you have a few days to not go anywhere or only places for a very short period of time. You will do great, just commit and dont look at diapers as a fall back.

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