I had my baby!

  • FateFate January 2014

    My water broke early again (due date was 01/26/14) but I was still determined to have my home birth. I started having blood come out so hubby (who is out of state) asked me to go in and get checked out. So I did. When I got there, contractions were 5 minutes apart and just a tiny bit painful. The doctor ran some tests, and said I came up positive for barbiturates.. I was like WHAT?! So I got really stressed out because I've never done drugs. The doctor said I obviously did since I was positive for it. I had them rerun the test and they had to send it to some other lab so I wouldn't get the results until the next day. I finally ended up just leaving after they said the blood coming out was normal. So I get home and my contractions started getting further and further apart. I did so many things to try and get them to regulate. But no luck. Eventually I started getting a fever and had no choice to go in. This time I went to a better hospital. They tested me for barbiturates and it was negative. I was so relieved. So they started me on some antibiotics, and we waited some more. Eventually they started pitocin and that instantly got my contractions going again. I was on pitocin for 4 minutes and baby was born. I guess I just needed a little extra push. I finally did it without drugs after having drugs with my first 4. We didn't know the gender and ended up having a little baby girl!

    Avery Renee
    5lbs, 10oz
    18.5 inches long

    photo image_zps206d96f8.jpg

  • FateFate January 2014

    photo image_zps0fa4d4c6.jpg

  • FateFate January 2014

    photo image_zps52e32a59.jpg

  • FateFate January 2014

    photo image_zps14325165.jpg

  • debsdebs January 2014

    Adorable. I'm sorry your birth plan didn't go the way you want but happy you had a safe birth. And no pain meds way to go your brave.

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 January 2014

    Omg congratulations!!!!! She is such a perfect little peanut!!!! And I love her name!! I'm sorry you didn't get your homebirth but I'm glad it still went smoothly and you got to have her without any pain meds!!! ♡♥♡♥♡♥ Enjoy your new little love :X

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 January 2014

    And is it just me or does she look A LOT like Corri?? Lol

  • FateFate January 2014

    @debs Thank you! I'm honestly not disappointed in my birth. I learned to finally be a little flexible, and I'm proud of that. :)

    @starrxoxo9 each day that passes I think the same thing. Lol. If she ends up having brown eyes, they could be twins. Although I just want one baby with my green eyes. Davey, Destiny and Brianna all have blue. Corri is our oddball so far. Haha.

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 January 2014

    Aww maybe she will have green eyes!! Tessa's eyes teased me and looked grayish blue (mine are blue) for almost a year and a half before they settled on hazel/brown! Lol! How are all the kids adjusting to baby #5???

  • FateFate January 2014

    @starrxoxo9 They love her! Davey isn't interested as much but the girls sure are. Corri looks at me weird hen I'm nursing, like I'm gross. Lmao.

  • kenzie0713kenzie0713 January 2014

    Aww congrats!!!

  • FateFate January 2014

    @kenzie0713 Thank you!

  • julesjules January 2014

    Congratulations! I'm sorry you couldn't do it at home but sounds like things went pretty well :) hope your having good recovery and getting some rest!

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 January 2014

    Omg hahaha that is too funny!!!

  • namelessnameless January 2014

    She is ADORABLE! congrats! If I ever have a 3rd I don't wanna know the gender till...well the birthday

  • adri805adri805 January 2014

    She's so freakin cute!!! Congrats!

  • OurlittlenuggetOurlittlenugget January 2014

    Wow! Super fast! Congrats. :) Will you have another? Hubby and I both have brown eyes and so far made TWO blue eyes babies. What?! I want some brown eyed babes! ;-)

  • veeveeveevee January 2014

    Congratulations! She is gorgeous.

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  • My2BoysMy2Boys January 2014

    Awe congrats!!! She is adorable!

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  • MyLove2MyLove2 January 2014

    Congratulations again!

  • Aww congratulations!!!!! :)

  • %5BDeleted+User%5D[Deleted User] January 2014

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  • luvmy5luvmy5 January 2014

    She really is too cute for words. Love you!

  • SalasMommySalasMommy January 2014

    Congratulations!! She is beautiful :X

  • FateFate January 2014

    Thanks everyone! She is such a good baby (never cries). I can absolutely say that having 5 kids isn't as bad as I thought. It's pretty freaking awesome! Lol. She's just adorable!!!

  • black_butterflyblack_butterfly January 2014

    Congratulations on your baby girl, we were due 1 day apart I'm due on the 25th of Jan, nothing yet not dilated at all according to my last app, hoping that there is some change on Monday so ready to meet my baby girl. I'm also having baby #5 and wondering how things are going to be especially since I have a 2 and 1 year old but still excited none the less again congrats on your new addition

  • FateFate January 2014

    @black_butterfly My two youngest are 1 and 2. They are sooooo good with the baby. I wasn't dilated at all before my water started leaking. When I was about 3cm my water broke completely. I was at home so it was very exciting! How old are your oldest two? Mine are almost 6 and almost 8. :) They love to help out and hold Avery all the time.

  • lovemylife11lovemylife11 January 2014

    Awwww so sweet congrats!!!

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  • FateFate January 2014

    @lovemylife11 Thank you!

  • black_butterflyblack_butterfly January 2014

    @fate my oldest will be 9 on the 27th and the second oldest just turned 7 the 8th, they are all looking forward to the baby coming, can't wait to see them all together

  • FateFate January 2014

    @black_butterfly My oldest will be 8 on the 27th! :D

  • myHEARTZx3myHEARTZx3 January 2014

    Congrats she's adorable! :X

  • NylasMommyNylasMommy February 2014

    Congratulations girl, she is too cute & so tiny :x

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