baby won't eat or sleep

  • since My Hubby Had His Surgery On Thursday My Baby Will Only Eat WhenHe Is Home He Went Back To Work Monday And She Just Won't Sleep At Night Also And Won't Take A Nap I Am So Tired I Have The Worse Head Ache In The World And I Can't Get Her To Stop Crying And Screaming.. Please CanAnyone Help Me I Am So Tired And Trying My Hardest To Not Get Mad But Its Getting Really Hard

  • please Help Me someOne

  • My2BoysMy2Boys January 2014

    Ahh swing? Teething? Gas drops? How old is she? Are you nervous and maybe she is picking up on it? I would try putting her down in another room and give yourself a breather for a few minutes. Sometimes you both need a break.

    Logan James 9/3/08
    Jaksyn Josiah 9/13/11
  • julesjules January 2014

    Oh no. How old? She hasn't sleeped or eaten anything this entire time? Or just not sleeping or eating well? Cause thats long time without food can be dangerous.

  • kenzie0713kenzie0713 January 2014

    I agree with previous posters, same questions...Do you have any family around that can step in and help a bit? Remember that you need to take care of yourself as well :-)

  • Well We Ended Up Taking Her To The Er Because She Had A Lump On Her Head And Did Not KnowWere It Came From.. She Has A Small Viruses And Was A Little Dehydrated And The DoctorSaid It's From teething.. I Think partOf It Was Because I Was Stressed And She Was Picking Up On It SheHadOnly Been Eating A Little B

  • But Thanks guys

  • julesjules January 2014

    Well I'm glad you got some answers. What did they advice you to do? Hope she feels all better very very soon :)

  • kenzie0713kenzie0713 January 2014

    I'm glad that you got answers and probably a plan of action!!

  • @Jules TheyJust told Me To Offer Fluids Every Hour

  • julesjules January 2014

    Well I guess sometimes all we can do it try. Hopefully that works.

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