SO wants another baby.

  • veeveeveevee February 2014

    Not now, but probably in the near future. I don't know why. Especially in our predicament with not having our own place yet. If I happen to get pregnant again I will have to quit my job. We can't survive on one income even if he does get this District Managers job in March. It'll take awhile. I have warmed up to the idea to another child but not right now or near future. I want to give as much attention to Eli as possible. Having 2 under 2 and both in diapers is a no-no for me. I'm not on birth control, but now he's got me thinking about it. I told him "No" of course lets wait until we're a little more stable and Eli is out of diapers and pull ups. I mean maybe next year I might change my mind but right now my uterus is not taking any vacancies.

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  • julesjules February 2014

    I totally agree with you. With our first things were money tight and it was stressful looking back on it It had a lot to do with my mood and milk supply. Then we really wanted a second but knew it was best to wait until New Job situation and new house and bigger new car. And the second pregnancy was soo much more enjoyable and now our lo is almost 2 months old and things are going great I'm very thankful and happy we waited not I can really enjoy our last baby.

  • adri805adri805 February 2014

    Hahaha the last sentence was awesome! I think that's it's good that u want to wait bc I do think it would be hard with two under two. It's already hard enough for me with two and there is a 7 year age gap. I could only imagine how hard it might be but I'm sure if god blessed u unexpectedly, that u would make it work. I think people with little people do close in age and even at any age just have to find a routine/method that works best for them.

  • SalasMommySalasMommy February 2014

    Two under two and i thought my life was hard! My oldest is about to be three and the baby is 1 (nov) I felt so bad when I got pregnant with my second I found out at my baby's 1st birthday I felt it was so unfair to him that I took the attention from him and now that he has warmed up to sharing 1month + after my second babys 1st birthday im pregnant again. I feel like its even more unfair. If you definetly have a choice Id say wait mostly for your children's sake. I wish I would have stuck to my birth control. But everytime i loose weight i get pregnant its instantly. But of course the choice is totally yours. My husband and I didnt want children and now we actually say we never thought we'd love being parents so much. So if your husband is sure he wants another you should consider it. But think about how things will work out, bigger car, place, work, etc. Its better to be prepared. Right now we are selling our truck since its not big enough for three car seats. And moving into a bigger place. We have to do it before i get any bigger. I feel like we weren't prepared and we have to completely change/adjust our plans for the new year when I was supposed to finish school. I wish we would have been prepared. I feel like things are happening too fast. As i'm packing and looking for bigger places i'm also answering telephone calls about information on the sale of the truck. Kids are beautiful. But also very expensive and time consuming. I know if you are like me you probably dont get enough time with hubby as youd like. My hubs and I went out for the 1st time since I was 4 months pregnant with my soon to be three year old. And now that we are preggo again it will be even harder to spend time together. Sorry i totally vented but I had a point lol kids=time,love,andmoney lol

  • veeveeveevee February 2014

    I completely understand @SalasMommy no need to apologize girl.

    I'm telling him we need to wait until Eli is at least 2 or 3 years old before we even think about it another one. We need to get our stuff together financially, mentally, and emotionally.

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  • OurlittlenuggetOurlittlenugget February 2014

    Nothing wrong with waiting, although my two are very close and it turned out amazing. :) Forgive me - were you two broken up and now you're together? I remember you were thinking about being a single mom for a bit, but I don't check in as often as I used to, so I'm trying to put pieces together with what I may have missed. Oy! ;)

  • captivatedcaptivated February 2014

    I absolutely agree with you. Two under two is doable, but if you absolutely want to wait, you need To start using protection, dear :)

  • perlyperly February 2014

    If you are not ready for another baby, then i agree with @captivated and you should get on birth control.

    Im so sure i want to wait that im on the pill and we still use condoms lol.

  • FateFate February 2014

    I have 3 under 3. Lol. It's a blessing! I wasn't in your situation though and I agree, wait until Eli is older and you're all happy and ready. :)

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 February 2014

    Whoa. After all the crap him and his family put you through when your son was first born he actually has the guts to ask for another baby?? That's crazy to me!! I think it's definitely a good idea for you guys to wait a while til your 100% sure.

  • veeveeveevee February 2014

    I made my appointment for my IUD @captivated, @perly

    Exactly @starrxoxo9, I have not forgotten about that either.

    @Ourlittlenigget. I was thinking about it and we talked about it. We didn't it was no need for a "break" and that we should just try to work things out.

    @Fate. Oh we are definitely waiting.

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  • perlyperly February 2014

    @veevee that's good. A baby is hard work, and like you said, there's things that need to be worked out in your relationship before you plan for another baby. You'll know when the time is right :)

  • OurlittlenuggetOurlittlenugget February 2014

    Much love then, and prayers baby 2 will wait til you're ready. :)

  • MyLove2MyLove2 March 2014

    I tell you I never thought I would get pregnant right after what happened to us. But I can manage. It will be hard but I can manage... and my daughters seems like she's matured a little since the incident.

    Use protection hun if your more then sure you didn't want another one.

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