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  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014


    UPDATE #5 3/6/2014 10:16 pm

    Gestational Trophoblastic disease
    Levels Reached 49000 after some bleeding. (Levels go down after bleeding)
    procedure: DNE

    History if this helps anyone any

    Placental abruption MC with help of pitocin 04/14/09
    Natural MC 12/31/2011
    High Blood Pressure
    Toxemia/Preeclampsia with my first son via c section 3/17/11
    Preclampsia hypertension with second born.son born through VBAC 11/17/12
    History of twins in my family (in other words mothers side ) maybe it has something to do with it.

    Surgery is tomorrow. 3/7 at 11. I woke up to black heavy bleeding and moderate contractions. The doctor says if flo gets heavier to come in. He is concerned since I don't take blood but these pregnancies from what he said and I've researched are very bloody. Contractions come and go every 13minutes but they're somewhat similar to labor pains not as painful of course. The pain the same, starts mild then more painful and painful. Uterus contracts. Then it goes away. The bleeding is weird. I woke up to a gush of black foul smelling blood (tmi) (smells dead) I can't eat or drink anything not bc of the surgery but bc It's very painful even liquids cause pain. i'm not sure as to why this is I'm hoping that they give us some answers after they inspect the remains :( . I wish I could wait here but the doctor wants to do the dnc asap. He is afraid I will hemorraghe (sp?) Another symptom im having is shortness of breath the doctor seemed concerned and said before the dnc is done i will get an scan to check the lungs for a cancer caused by the pregnancy. I just hope everything goes well tomorrow. After the procedure he said i will need to be seen for 6months to a year in case my HCG levels start to rise again in which GTD (the mole/tumor) has grown back, is recurrent and I will need chemo. The cure rate is 97%. I'm ready to get off this rollercoaster and start the healing process. The worst part is not being able to compare cases with people bc it isn't common. Staying hopeful that the dnc will go good and that I can keep my reproductive parts to maybe one day try again for our rainbow.

    I have been reading about dnc with vacuum aspiration, even though the risks, not being able to compare to dnc with someone like me (with the partial twin molar , history of blood pressure, and no blood transfusions), I feel like it will be okay bc of the fact that it is routine procedure.

    Anyway I am hoping to explain everything once I get better. I will update with details no matter what the outcome.

    I think thats it. I can't eat or drink anything after 8 hrs prior to the surgery. Going to try and get some sleep. I feel like the contractions are mild enough to sleep through now. Thank you guys for listening and thank you to anyone thats kept up.

    ******UPDATE #3 AND #4 AT BOTTOM********

    UPDATE #2
    I've really like to know if anyone can make out this u/s I deleted my photobucket account to post it though maybe someone could do it for me if i send them the u/s pics?
    My doctor saw no heartbeat and also saw a huge "what he said" was a bloodclot. Ive been reading forums about not being able to see babys heartbeat because baby is behind blood clot And them being misdiagnose plenty of times.And also not being able to hear babys heartbeat with a tilted/retroverted uterus? Some insight would be nice if you know anything. monday is my second ultrasound with other doctor for another opinion and wednesday i go back for a third ultrasound with the first doctor Who diagnosed me and if nothing good comes from it he will be scheduling d&e or d&c ?

    ****1ST DOCTORS APPT ** 1St UPDATE****
    I was so happy to go to the doctor today to finally see my little peanut. But doctor comfirmed the worst. No heartbeat. Gestational sac was measuring 11wks + though. He did an external and then did the vaginal. Nothing changed. There was a huge what he called blood clot behind the baby that can be seen on the ultrasound. Im so hurt I cant even think right. He gave me blood work i get results monday to see of it was genetic chromosonal or gestational trophoblastic tumour? Idk what that means just that i am devastated and so is hubs. I feel like I fail at being a mother with all of my complications. I wish i was just normal. The doctor wants to perform a dnc since no signs of bleeding and or labor are present but we are going on monday to get a second opinion to be safe before we decide about the dnc. I cant remember if i missed anything my head is hurting from all the crying. I just wanted to get some insight from someone my first miscarriage was a placental abruption labor came on its own my second. Bleeding started and i passed everything naturally. As far as this one. No bleeding no, cramps, nothing.

  • julesjules March 2014

    I'm so sorry to hear that. I think it's good to get another opinion. I've personally never had miscarriage however don't the say that having dnc can create problems for future pregnancy. I'm not sure what the chances are or why like I said I do not have personal experience. I will be praying for you!

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    Me netheir I am so scared about the dnc because of the reason i want to have more kids. I just hope and pray this is not the case but I dont want to sound like I am in denial. I dont have any cramps or bleeding and the doctor said it would be vetter to do dnc if no signs of labor/mc (bleeding or cramping) happen. I dk what to do. Im just lost. Its like my body doesnt want to let go. Maybe this is false hope? @jules

  • veeveeveevee March 2014

    I am so sorry to hear this. It is good to get a second opinion. Being on plenty of birth boards, I have found out that a lot of good news has come out of second opinions. I will be KMFX for you.

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  • Sorry to hear that :( but I think the second opinion is a good idea I've heard lots of stories where second opinion comes with a good outcome ill be praying

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  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    @veevee thank you something in me still has hope.
    @2lilblessings thank you for your prayers.

  • julesjules March 2014

    Well just follow ur heart. I know medical advice is good however it's also good to listen to your heart. Sit down and think about both sides after you get ur second opinion and then decide what is best.

  • So sorry mama. Honestly, if it were me I wouldn't schedule a d&c. Sometimes they do make mistakes and I wouldn't want to risk giving up on a viable pregnancy. If baby is gone, the body will most likely do what it needs to do. Certainly there are risks of infection and other complications, but waiting a few weeks wouldn't be unheard of and would at least give you a chance to sort through what's actually happening. Prayers...

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    @ourlittlenugget i dont want to until I get confirmation the hardest part is both of my other miscarriages were diff than this my body did it on its own the first (bleeding labor the next just cramping and bleeding) but this tine I just feel like Im the one who has to force it bc nothing is happening. And i don't want to go through with that it would make me feel as if I got an abortion or killed the baby. Agh im so confused.

  • veeveeveevee March 2014

    Just get a second opinion. Don't worry yourself like this it's only putting stress on your body and baby.

    I agree with @Ourlittlenugget. Doctors do make mistakes. On my September 2013 Birth Club on BabyCenter. In the beginning of our pregnancy a girl had the same thing happen to her. We all told her to get a second opinion, we even begged her because her DH was telling her to just get the D&C and not to get her hopes up. Thank goodness she listened to us. She went in for a second opinion and now she has a beautiful 6 month old baby boy.

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  • MijitaMijita March 2014

    I'm on my 5th pregnancy and only have one LO. I know your pain and frustration -- I'm sorry. To answer your question, I've had a D&C and waited to have a natural miscarriage and would pick the D&C as my first option. I may be an outlier, but my natural miscarriage left me with the gestational sac attached, dilated cervix and needing intervention. It sucked! I opted to go natural versus getting the D&C with my 4th pregnancy and in hindsight regret it. Do what you think is best for you, so you don't regret it later. Good luck!

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    @veevee I hope and pray to Jehovah this is the case. I'm so lost I cant even think right. When he was doing the u/s he asked if I had twins in the family I told him 7 sets to be exact but on my mothers side 2 on my dads (i think its the father side that matters? And he has none from what i know) i asked why he asked and he said he wanted to wait for the tests that he didnt want to get ahead of himself. Ive been looking everywhere and read that sometimes one is hiding behind the other ? Or that in the case of twins in one sac that sometimes something happens at the time of conception and they have too many chromosones? I dk thank you for your input and support tomorrow is my second opinion with another doctor n the blood results from my reg doctor get here.

    would @captivated know anything about this?

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    @Mijita I'm definetly thinking about the d&c Ive read the same thing you said in a lot of forums. That when they choose natural they most of the time need a dnc anyway. I passed everything natural with the help of pitocin and doctors help the first time but at the hospital and i got an u/s to confirm nothing was in there however i went into labor on my own (placental abruption with help of pitocin) ive read that if you have one placental abruption you can have others? Maybe this is it again? The next MC i had was natural but i was only 8wks 3days. This time I really think i should get the dnc bc labor isnt coming on its own. And i dont want to wait the thought of caring a dead baby/s is destroying and torturing me

  • julesjules March 2014

    I hope and pray you get good need tomorrow! And I think if I were in your case the negatives of dc suck but like your saying I can't imagine just waiting around. If you do end up with dc I hope that it goes best that it can.

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    Thank you for your support @jules

  • adri805adri805 March 2014

    I'm so sorry :( I really hope that the dr was wrong and that baby is still there with a heartbeat

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    @adri805 thank you. I hope so too.

  • Any word?

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014



    Yes. Monday I went in for a second opinion she was much more specific as to why this is happening she called it a gestational trophobladtic disease/ a tumour?? / partial twin molar. (Two sperm fertilize one egg. The molar one is etheir absorbed and/the tumor grows on the fetus..the other fetus may have once been viable but she said the abnormal growth (the tumor) usually kills/consumes it. Causing no viable babys. The first doctor called it a blood clot. He ran test and i haD NOt got a word. My dnc is tomorrow and she said they will produce a test on the findings. I know she said it was a rare condition but why me? Statistics mean nothing to me anymore. She said my levels are at 49,000 ? If anyone knows anything about this please help me. Ive found some forums where the one fetus lives but she confirmed it was not viable. I cant find much on the internet. Its no help. If anypne knows anything id really like yoir input. Im distraught i thought having to handle another mc would be tough Much less two. Ive stayed up for i dont know how long just looking. Ive messaged some but theyre from years ago i dont get any responses.

    Im really scared about the dnc she said she will use suction.im scared of the risks. Of having a hysterectomy. Im just all over the place.

  • I'm so sorry. My son was born with a congenital heart defect and even though it's the most common birth defect affecting one in 10, I felt just like you - why me? I totally understand. Wish I had answers or comfort for you, but all I can tell you is a d&c is fairly routine and many women have them without complication every day. So many hugs for you, I can only imagine how painful this is for you.

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    @ourlittlenugget im sorry about your son :( I think i remember you telling me about him. when i made a post about my son's doctor diagnosing him with an oversized heart. He even told me he might need a heart transplant. Thankfully he misdiagnosed him after we were referred to a specialists. I remember how tough just the thought was much less having to deal with it in real life. :( as for the dnc thank you for that I guess im just in an emotional rollercoaster. My emotions are really everywhere I think its the grief, stress, and lack of sleep. my surgery is at 9:00 am tomorrow. I hope i can check in before. Thank you very much for your support.

  • adri805adri805 March 2014

    @salasmommy I'm so sorry!!! I was really hoping to read an update that said the first dr was wrong and that there was a heartbeat. I hope the procedure goes well and that u recover quickly. I don't even know what to say to try to make u feel better bc there probably is nothing in the world that will make u feel better. Lots of hugs ur way!!!

  • julesjules March 2014

    I'm so sorry. I can't imagine how you must feel. I hope that the dc goes well tomorrow and lots of baby dust your way for the future!

  • Thinking of you. Hope all went well and you're resting...

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014


    My dnc was supposed to be today but my doctor decided she wanted to perform the procedure with a high risk specialist ob. Shes worried bc i dont do blood transfusions and she says that theyre is usually more bleeding involved in this procedure and women sometimes need transfusions. They are doing the procedure at a hospital at the medical center. I usually have everything done at the one in town. It makes me feel better that they're will be two doctors. As creepy as you guys may think it is I just wasnt ready to do this anyway. If it were for me I kind of wish I could just wait it at home but I cant. Its Friday at 11:30 I feel like the clock is ticking... I know I cant delay anymore the specialist will only be available friday since he or she is going on vacation. I just wish I had more time. I felt like we only found out a little while ago that we were expecting. Thank you guys for the support. I dont really feel like speaking to anyone in person i think this is the most ive. said well wrote. Its just that I can say what I need to here and pause if I need to die a little. My husband is trying to be supportive and even though he is sad he tells me that he can never understand what im feeling.. and its true. This being the third time still doesn't make it any easier. Having kids is such a beautiful thing but going through this is so hard


  • veeveeveevee March 2014

    I'm so sorry. I wish this could've been good news. I will be keeping you in your prayers.

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  • Oh my. I'm glad they're taking precautions. For your health and safety. You know you can postpone for a couple days if you feel like you need a breath. Just throwing that out there. I understand wanting to get it over with and handling everything in a timely manner to make sure you don't experience health complications, but it's an option if you're feeling overwhelmed. I can only imagine....prayers.

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    I wish I could nothing would.make me feel better but just the fact that I would have more time to cope. My ob says its too dangerous bc the risks of hemorraghe (sp?) I had a gush of black blood (tmi) a while ago. I feel like for my two boys I have to be safe. They need me. This is a difficult situation thank you though I really feel like youve been with me every step of the way. @ourlittlenugget

  • My2BoysMy2Boys March 2014

    Good luck with everything today, I will say some prayers that it all goes well for you.

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    Jaksyn Josiah 9/13/11
  • perlyperly March 2014

    Im so sorry!!! Im just reading this now.
    I want to cry so bad! Im so so so sorry! Im here for you. If you still have my number and want someone to hear you out, let me know, im here.

  • Oh my gosh. I read your update at the top. That must have been so scary; I'm so sorry!! I'm glad you're being taken care of - definitely most important to be healthy for your kiddos. You know this actually sounds like a story I just heard today on Dr Oz. Do you know that reality show The Little Couple? Jen (I don't know her last name) recently had a molar pregnancy and subsequent miscarriage. The pregnancy actually caused a tumor which became cancerous and spread to her lungs. She's happily in remission now after undergoing surgery and chemo. I hope it doesn't come to all that for you, but maybe you can look up her story? At least that will help you not feel so alone in this experience. (((Hugs)))

  • adri805adri805 March 2014

    I'm so sorry:( I hope u recover soon. If u need anything I'm here

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    Small update will update later with details about procedure and dnc.

    I am at home I went in at 11 and came out at about 6:30. Im am in pain my uterus is irritated and Im passing clots. My stomach is really swollen but I know that eVen without the dnc this is normal after youre cervix has been dilated ( experience from my first MC) Im So thankful I got to keep my reproductive organs. As for the blood the doctor said I started to bleed while doing the dnc but he didn't know how I stopped it but I did. Thank Jehovah. Anyway physically Im fine emotionally so so.. but this is the way down the healing road. As far as trying again. We can't doctor is going to run tests every month 6-12mo to make sure the growth isnt back otherwise I will need chemo. Before they did a dnc they did a ekg for my lungs to check if it had spread to my lungs but they did no xray. I have a follow up in two weeks. The black bleeding is gone im having red blood now Tmi. My throat is sore from the tube. Just a couple of bruises and dings here and there but I physically feel better. I know I am in pain physically mostly emotionally. But for the first time I was able to bite my food and swallow without pain in the stomach. I ate right I think in the first time for a long time. Mt husband says the doctor told him the tumor itself was about 6 in and he said it had density. He said it was really peculiar and that the specialist kept it for rare cases and is inspecting the remains. :( i took my first pain pill since i dont like to take pain medicine and im taking antibiotics and something to lessen swelling. i just had to update as least some. @ourlittlenugget I def have to watch that episode.
    Thank you guys my phone is at five percent :( chatger is in the truck im trying to hurry. @perly thank you very much i dont have your number anymore hun my biys have had their fun with my other phones i think ive had to switch three times since. Boys :) thank you for your support
    @my2boys thank you for the well wishes and praters everyrhing went well
    @adri805 thank you very much for your support

  • Rest. Hug those boys tight. Know that you are loved, they are loved, and that's mostly important right now.

    Watch it this week. Tuesday night.

    Prayers for healing and peace. I understand how hard this all must be.

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    The worst is happening again.. I was feeling physically better after dnc i was able to eat even though i hurt and able to breathe right.. now i feel like crap again i cant eat. It physically hurts again. The shortness of breath is back the isomnia. I dont know what the hell is wrong with me. I called my doctor she said that i need to go to the er and get checked. She says that im supposed to feel better if the same symptoms are back it might have came back i asked if its possible this fast and she said yes the gtd tumor grows abnormally fast.. i was ready to be done with the hospital. God not again.. i hope they tell me its something minor.

  • My2BoysMy2Boys March 2014

    Good luck I hope you get better soon

    Logan James 9/3/08
    Jaksyn Josiah 9/13/11
  • julesjules March 2014

    I am so sorry you are going through all of this :( I will continue praying for you. I hope they don't have any bad news for you today regarding the pain. Hopefully they got everything the first time around. Hope that you continue to heal both physically and emotionally. I can't even imagine you are one strong person. I also hope your body heals nice and fast and that you will be blessed with baby as soon as possible. You and your husband sure deserve it!

  • Oh no! Are you going in?

  • adri805adri805 March 2014

    Omg I'm so sorry this is all happening to u! ruin my prayers and I sincerely hope that u feel better soon and that it has not returned

  • SalasMommySalasMommy March 2014

    I was prescribed antibiotics for the infection and later that week went to the er again. They could explain it but my levels were at 300. Anyway now 3 wks post d&e pregnancy test is finally negative but no period yet. I will go to the doctor next week to check my levels and for results of the test from the remains :( hoping to get some insight. Also officially starting the anticandida diet because of my immune system. Just wanted to update

  • NylasMommyNylasMommy March 2014

    Girl, I didn't even know that u had a miscarriage :( I'm so sorry that it happened. I hope ur okay.

  • MyLove2MyLove2 April 2014

    I know this is a way late responce to this. But I am so sorry for your loss... I can't imagine the number of times I thought I was going to miscarry this pregnancy.

  • Wow! You went through a huge journey. Im soo sorry for your loss. God bless you & your family.

  • SalasMommySalasMommy April 2014

    @Mylove2 thank you. And you will have this baby and it shall be beautiful and healthy mashallah. You are strong and after what you and Rubiya have been through this is a blessing; a brother or sister would be perfect for her and for you.
    @mommylovessparkle thank you its been rough but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

  • MyLove2MyLove2 June 2014

    She's going to be having a little sister :D @SalasMommy

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