Geritol and Prenatal Vitamins

  • Does taking geritol and prenatal vitamins help you get preggy?? Has anyone ever tried it??

  • Hmmm... this is the first time ive seen this. I think i might try it next month if im not preg now. This month i took a generic form of mucinex. I was told its supose to help u get preg.

  • 2600wifey2600wifey March 2011

    when i was trying to get preggo my doc recommended i start taking prenatals i dont think it necessarily helps you get preggo, but i think folic acid helps get pregnant and just even on the label it says to take before pregnancy also to ensure good health. i bought them but i only took them for like a week so idk lol

  • My dr started me on prenatals bc they are best if taking them daily for 2months prior to conceiving ;) but unfortunately it doesn't help u conceive :(

  • StareyezStareyez March 2011

    I've heard million of geritol success stories.jus Google geritol n pregnancy.

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