Baby heartbeat rates!!

  • BabyLove824BabyLove824 March 2011

    At my last appt my baby's heartbeat rate was pretty high like 184..i was like 13 weeks at that im almost 16 wks..what were yalls babys heart beat rates around that time? The doc said higher heartbeat usually means its a girl..anyone found that to br true??

  • PebblesMommyPebblesMommy March 2011

    Pebble's was at 162 at 9W2D a couple weeks ago. I'm thinking it's a boy. My daughter's was always in the 150s.

  • BabyLove824BabyLove824 March 2011

    Really? I guess everyone is diff..when r u due? I hv another ultrasound on march 21 so hopefully we can see the gender!

  • melinda326melinda326 March 2011

    They say over 150 is a girl & under that is boy. Mine is over 150 & we're having a boy although it was true with my last 2 babies, they are girls.

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  • PebblesMommyPebblesMommy March 2011

    I do want another girl actually so I hope this is true for me. I'm due on 9/26 BabyLove824. I'll let you know whether it's a boy or a girl as soon as we find out...after he/she is born! :)

  • BabyLove824BabyLove824 March 2011

    Aww so u guys r not goin to find out til birth? This is my first baby so im very anxious abt findin out!! I wanna start buyin stuff! Have yall felt the baby move yet?

  • PebblesMommyPebblesMommy March 2011

    I'm 11 weeks and no movement yet. That's the only downside of not finding out. You can't buy gender specific stuff. I know this one couple who thought they were having a boy but didn't find out until after the baby was born and it ended up being a girl! It was pretty stupid of them to paint the room blue without knowing for sure. Luckily their next baby really was a boy.

  • My first appt was at 8wks4d and the heartbeat was 182. I heard that a higher heartbeat means it's a boy. I guess I will find out at 20wks. I already have a three year old daughter so I'm hoping for a boy.

  • BabyLove824BabyLove824 March 2011

    Yes I kno! Just happened to a good friend of mine a few months ago..the whole time she thought it was a boy and it came out a girl! Good thing she kept reciepts! Lol..has anyone had any morning sickness? I havent had any..thank God!!

  • itsaGIRLitsaGIRL March 2011

    Mine is 134 I'm 25 weeks and its a girl

  • MythicaMythica March 2011

    13 weeks it was 147, I'm hoping for a girl!!

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  • Im 18 weeks and the heart rate is usually 150 and he is a boy.

  • I'm 36 weeks and 4 days and baby's heartbeat has always been between 140-150 and we just found out on tuesday it's a girl! Good luck with your pregnancies and hope you get happy healthy babies! :-)

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  • Cynd13Cynd13 March 2011

    Yes its true my babys heart beat was 154 they say above 150 means ur having as grl.. Just found out my lil bun in the oven is a little grl due on aug. 5th

  • I have 4 kids, all girls. Their heartrates were always in the 160's & up. This one is 150, we just found out its a boy.

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  • kaylarose07kaylarose07 March 2011

    When I was 12 weeks, the HB was 164.. Then at 16 weeks it was !47. At 20 weeks it was 143. Then at 24 weeks it was 150. & At 28 weeks it was 149. Now, at 32 weeks, her HB was 165.
    Hers was all over the place. & My doctor said the HB has absolutely nothing to do with the sex. At certain times of the day, your baby is more active and the hr will go up.
    & if the doctor checks while the baby is sleeping, its gonna be lower.
    He also told me, that while the baby is still young, the heart rate will be higher, and as the baby grows, it will start to slow down.

  • I'm 12 weeks, at 161, I just found out I'm having a girl.

  • lovinmylifelovinmylife March 2011

    I'm 15.weeks, and my babies heart beat was 158 and I was told he is a boy! :)

  • Heartbeat has nothing to do with gender hun :) my first (a girl) had 160's heartrate and now 2nd (another girl) is in the 130-140's :)

  • BabyLove824BabyLove824 March 2011

    Dawnwaarsbaby, how did u find out wat u were havin so early at 12 wks? I had an ultrasound in the 12th wk n they didnt see anything..

  • mommy2be2011mommy2be2011 March 2011

    Im 16 weeks & just found out im having a GIRL!(: her beat was 164 at 12 weeks, 157 at 14 weeks, & 148 at 16 weeks(:

  • TinknbobTinknbob March 2011

    Im 10wks 6days n babies hb was 161 @ u/s.

  • At 10 weeks baby's was 165

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  • At 18 weeks the hb was between 140-150. I have been told the higher hb means boy, which is what we are hoping for....but seeing as most of you are having girls with higher hb's makes me not so sure....thankfully I find out tomorrow.

  • At 11 weeks, my babys heart beat was 165. Now, at 16 weeks it is 154...I'm thinking its a girl! (:

  • JuliansMommyJuliansMommy March 2011

    At 6 weeks the hb was 125:)

  • babybumpersbabybumpers March 2011

    I'm having a boy and his heart rate is always between 130 and 145. I have frequent ultrasounds.

  • lovemylife11lovemylife11 March 2011

    yesterday babys hb was 150 im 15w an 6days find out what im haven next month! Just want a healthy baby

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