The Pencil Test.....

  • Befor I got pregnant with baby #2. I did the pencil test it said 2 boys. I have a almost 3 yr old now.. but now when I do the pencil test it shows 2 girls. I have heard it only shows what's in ur belly now. But I was just wondering if anyone has ever heard of the test to chang?

  • vanalkrvanalkr March 2011

    what is the pencil test?

  • mscheylamscheyla March 2011

    Well how do you do it? I know what my baby is so I could see

    Baby Boy <3
  • MelissaMelissa March 2011

    Never heard of the pencil test before :-)

  • MommmyX3MommmyX3 March 2011

    Ive done it...and everyone in my family has too. It told me ill have 3 girls...i already have 2 and im pregnant with baby #3 right now. I wont know if its a boy or girl for a few weeks. Ive on my mom a hundred times..each time getting her 5 kids correct (in order). And we did my grandma who has 7 kids...also.correct. Ive never seen it be wrong before. I cant wait to see if its right with baby #3! Its a lot of fun =)

  • vanalkrvanalkr March 2011

    @MommyX3 what do you do to do the pencil test? I would love to try this

  • U take a pencil tie it to a piece of sting and hold over your belly or wrist. And if it goes straight up and down its a girl and if it goes side to side its a boy... there's other ways too if u look online. If ur preg it only shows what u are having

  • MommmyX3MommmyX3 March 2011

    Get a sharpened pencil (with an eraser), a needle & thread (or string...whatever you have). Put the thread through the needle, then stick the neddle into the eraser...creating a pendulum (spelling??). Then have someone hold the string with the pencil hanging over your wrist...holding it very still. The pencil will start by going into circles then it will go left & right or up & down. If it goes left & right its a girl...up & down its a boy. In between each kid it will go back to circles. When its done, the pencil stops.

    So for me.having 3 girls its goes in circles, left & right, back to circles, left & right, circles, left & right, then it just stops. Too weird! Lol

    Good luck & have fun!

  • Worked for me!! But I hear it only works with what you're pregnant with. Idk.

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  • @mommmyx3 u said side to side its a girl but @crystal161718 u said side to side its a boy. Which is right cuz I wanna try it @

  • MyBamBina28MyBamBina28 March 2011

    I did the pencil test penny test and ring test..they all say boy but I have a feeling its a girl based on conception date

  • RodmommyRodmommy March 2011

    Does it matter if you hold the thread or your husband?? When I held it it read boy, but when the hubby held it it read girl.

  • ooh I wanna try this w my girl

  • they say its better if someone else holds the string for you but I have seen ppl do it on themselves

  • LovelyBootsLovelyBoots March 2011

    Mine only did circle one time and then swaying line diagonally but I've had a Mc and 2 year girl so who knows.

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  • MommmyX3MommmyX3 March 2011

    @proudcastromama Im almost positive left & right means girl. Its accurate that way fot me (& the two girls I already have). And that way is accurate for my mom (girl, girl, boy, girl, girl).

    Ive always known this test as giving the birth history, not just what your pregnant with. I dont know but either way its just for fun! You can also google it for more info...

  • @mommyX3. Thanks I'm going to try it I had one boy and I guess u could consider a miscarrige(ruptured ectopic) I'm almost 3months I want a girl will it tell me my history b 4 of what I'm pregnant with now

  • I can't find a pencil... but when I did it before with my daughter it showed five pregnancies a girl and boy two miscarrages n one abortion.

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  • Omg i just did this. It freaked me out. I have 3 girls and we r trying for #4 it did the 3 girls then it totally did a BOY anf the it just stopped! Holy cow... that is too cool.

  • MommmyX3MommmyX3 March 2011

    @proudcastromama yeah, it will give you the history of any babies before this pregnancy....and after too! =)

    @mommyof3girls isn't it really cool?! but a little creepy at the same time! LOL

  • what does it do if u hold it over ur stomach... if u r not pregnant? does it move?

  • i held it over my stomach and it moved up and down... wont know af is due tuesday.

  • oops ment. i dont now if im pregnant or not.

  • Ok so I just did the pencil test but im not too sure about if its a boy or girl? It was going around in a small circle n the pencil kept moving in a spinning motion hellpppppp pleaseee! Lol

  • And I just did it over my tummy and It was moving up n down. The other one I did over my wrist.

  • MommmyX3MommmyX3 March 2011

    Lol! Hmmm...did you have someone else holding I it works best if you dont hold it yourself. If you did have.someone.else hold it...try another person. If that doesnt work either try the one.over your belly. Im not familiar with it though but I know you can google it to get specific info on the belly one. Its.basically the same, im just not sure of the pencil's direction.

    If you do it on youf wrist...pregnant or not pregnant it will tell you how many kids you will have, their genders and in order. Im not sure about over the belly tho. Ive.never tried it

  • Lol I did it myself. Lol I dont have anyone with me at the moment. I just did it again on my wrist and it kept moving so fast back and forth in a up and down way. And I did it over my tummy and it was going up n down also.

  • Mine said boy(: but well see later on:) 9wks and 3dys! :)

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  • I think thus is so cool. I had to call my mom and sisters to try it. Lol

  • kc1babykc1baby March 2011

    I took the pencil test and it said girl along with the Chinese calendar and another thing. I'm 18 weeks two more weeks and I might find out for sure. First baby!

  • momwith3boysmomwith3boys March 2011

    I love this test. It seems more accurate over the wrist. I've done it like 20 times and each time said the same thing, 3 boys then 1 girl. I've tried it on numerous people and it seems pretty accurate... I have 3 boys now, so the promise of a girl is exciting, hopefully I don't end up with 4 boys :) just remember it counts pregnancies, not births

  • momwith3boysmomwith3boys March 2011

    Using a ring instead of a pencil works just as well

  • navymommanavymomma March 2011

    i just did the pencile test it said boy ( my boys 10) then girl ( my girls 6) then it said boy with a small circle and boy then stoped i was also told that im in a high percent to having twins how accurate is this test?

  • EAV21EAV21 March 2011

    This sounds like a fun little game. Can't wait to try it out! I hope its a baby girl :) only 10 wks

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