can you use bleach as a pregnacy test?

  • memememe March 2011

    My friend told me that u can use a little bleach in a cup n pee n it n if it over flow it means u are. so i looked it up on line n seen alot of people talkin bout it but i want to know what you ladies think...

  • I have never heard of this in my life.

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  • anadoll92anadoll92 March 2011

    No not true.

  • maddyshrtmaddyshrt March 2011

    Never heard of that wow that's a new one

  • bexbex March 2011

    Erm... doesn't urine contain ammonia? Because when you combine bleach with ammonia you create toxic fumes that can KILL you. No exaggeration.

  • mommyof3boysmommyof3boys March 2011

    Pee does contain ammonia but the wrong type of ammonia to create toxic fumes which are called mustard gas

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  • No. They say that's a gender indicator tho. You take a little bit of bleach 2 caps full in cup n pee in it. If it foams like beer _ its a Boy
    If it fizzes like sprite - it's a Girl

    It is a link on babycenter

    I did the test. . . Mine said Girl! It was right for a lot of ppl that's why I tried it!

  • So I had 2 try this! .... mine was foamy! We'll find out 4sure soon enough. Gender ultrasound in a few weeks :)

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  • 3girls_0boys3girls_0boys March 2011

    I am going to have to try that.

  • I always heard that if it fizzes alot then its positive pregnant test... there is also the dandilion leaf test. Can't remember exactly but you pee on the leaves and if they change color you're pregnant.

  • im gonna try ! :-?

  • Mommy2be11Mommy2be11 March 2011

    Im gonna try

  • I tried it fuzzes looked like a good old cup of sprite.. guess we will see maybe some woman who already know what there having could try it so I could see the credibility lol

  • lol guess i will try this one too!! i tried the baking soda already

  • ii did it it fizzed a WHOLE LOT & i had 2 run out the BR it was soo boy or girl??

  • @jellybeans_mommy did it like foam up? Of yes boy if like soda them girl :)

  • If not of then not them lol

  • it was like a soda over flowing lol @landyplus1momma i want a boy sooo BAD but all the remedys & chart says girl...i will see on april 28 lol

  • Ok so what is w this test? Why would some peoples foam up and others fizz? I tried it and it fizzed. I made my husband do it and it foamed over the cup. Anyone jnow anything about this. (by the way my husband thought i was insane when i asked him to pee in a cup for me... lmao!) Was totally worth the laugh!

  • Jaime77Jaime77 April 2011

    LAdies..u really want bleach anywhere near your lady parts?? Oww noone is concerned with splashing?? ;)

  • miriam24miriam24 April 2011

    Mm buy a test at dollar store instead lol ;)

  • I tried it just for fun! I peed in an empty cup. Was all for fun.

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