What are some good apps for a 17mo?

  • FrantasticFrantastic March 2013

    My son likes to play with my phone but I'm so worried that he's going to mess something up. What are some apps that you all use for your lo? My son is almost 18mo and I need something that will keep him busy and entertained and out of my other apps.

  • julesjules March 2013

    Well I let my daughter play on my pad but I'm which her I have one that is reading she like to turn the pages and its reading so that's good. I also have coloring one for her which she loves its her favorite thing is to color!

  • YNVTishYNVTish March 2013

    My daughter loves "peek a boo" shell play it for about an hour.

  • I really hope they don't make apps for children that young :(

  • Kimberly4411Kimberly4411 March 2013

    They make apps for itty bitty babies @excitedforoctober I hate to say that I had several apps on my phone, my 18 month old knows how to unlock my iPhone, no more phone for her now though, when she gets older I'll use it for educational purposes and for a very limited time.

  • Minx1018Minx1018 March 2013

    Ever heard of toddler lock? I use it a lot because my 15 month old steals my phone all the time. She loves to carry it around and pretend she's talking on it and it keeps her from calling anyone by accident. She thinks it is her phone because she talks to my mother every day so she is used to using it.

  • Sparkle paint!! Great for keeping him busy when I need to make a phone call!

  • @minx1018 downloading toddler lock and downloading a game for your toddler to sit there and play are 2 completely different things. I'm sorry, I just don't believe that introducing technology to a child that young is good, just my opinion.

  • Minx1018Minx1018 March 2013

    @excitedforoctober (note the tag) I wasn't addressing you on my first post, otherwise I would have tagged you :-)

  • @minx1018 you're right, I got a notification that someone tagged me in this post and I guess I mistakenly responded to YOU instead. But WOW someones a little catty today. Lol. BTW you don't have to tag me for me to tag you, just in case you needed a refresher course on Pregly. Have a beautiful day :)

  • FrantasticFrantastic March 2013

    Thank you @ashley_smashley and @YNVTish for actually posting helpful advice. Are either of those apps free?

  • Janet_2011Janet_2011 March 2013

    I dont let my youngest use my phone, shes too young for things like that in my opinion but my 3 yr old plays it from time to time, she plays phone4kids, princess coloring book, And watches cartoons on Disney junior among other educational apps

  • Star4221Star4221 March 2013

    Pbs kids has a free app...i just search educational apps free for my special ed kids. Some of them function at a 2 year old level. There are some very appropriate cause and effect things out there. The best advise i can give is to download things you think you would like, check them out and delete if it is not what you were thinking. I know we sometimes have trouble with the ads attached to apps.

  • Sparkle paint is free!

    And if you don't believe in what is being posted you should keep scrolling instead of inserting your catty comment! @excitedforoctober

  • Thank u this post was very useful! I was seriously just thinking this the other day! My almost 2 year old loves my phone and accidentally unlockes it all the time lol I mostly worry he will call someone. Im looking into some suggested apps now

  • Ok so looked at all the options, and for mine TODDLER LOCK was the best!!

  • @Ashley_smashley bahahaha take your own advice hun.

  • sands3sands3 March 2013

    Kidspaint. It's free and they just draw with their finger.

  • Lol nothing in this thread that annoys me but your condescending comments...but I guess I should be used to that with you... @excitedforoctober

  • @ashley_smashley funny because your comments don't surprise me either, so take your own advice and if you don't like my comments move it along.

  • 3rdXsacharm3rdXsacharm March 2013


  • julesjules March 2013

    @ashley_smashley your so right she was asking about apps not our opinion on if she should have her kids use electronics I'm sorry @excitedforoctober but that first comment of yours was not necessary. maybe if it was post about electronics and children all it did was start unnecessary drama. And calling someone catty even if you might have been jocking is what I'm hoping is not nice we should support each other not put each other down. I have never said anything about this stuff on here but it's just so silly that grown women call each other names especially when this is place for ssupport like I said earlier. maybe we can all try move on and start fresh!

  • @jules I admitted that my first comment to minx was a mistake since I mistakenly thought she was the one who responded to me and not Kimberly. BUT her snarky response to me was also unnecessary. My first comment on this post was not insulting to anyone, I simply said I hopes apps were not made specifically for kids that young. I didn't say "what r u doing letting your child play with your phone" or anything insulting to her. People like to see my "cattiness" but not other peoples, I will continue to comment when and where I want, I don't mean to be rude but its not my fault if some people are overly sensitive. There are very few people on here who I clearly do not get along with and as long as I continue to freely speak my mind me and these said people will continue to butt heads. None of that was meant to be rude to you, I know you are very unbiased on here unlike alot of members that run in cliques.

  • FrantasticFrantastic March 2013

    Look, I really don't appreciate any of the drama happening on here. If you don't like my question or don't have anything useful to add then please don't post. Thank you to all of you who did help, I'll be checking out apps this weekend.

  • stellastella March 2013

    I download flash card it shows picture of # animals letter bodyparts shapes it free then if you hot the? It has you pick the correct object. Xavier. Loves it

  • @stella is that an android app or iPhone? Are the pics cartoon drawing, or real pics?

  • @frantastic I apologize for the drama.

  • Minx1018Minx1018 March 2013

    Flashcards are great too! I just got an app for some last night.

  • stellastella March 2013

    @ashley_smashley the one is cartoon drawing the other app is actual pictures of body part and such they are both Android apps one is called flash card the other english flascards they come in spanish also. I thougt about downloading that also since xavier insists on turning everything to the Spanish setting.

  • julesjules March 2013

    @excitedforoctober well I apreciate u being honest and I didn't like @frantastic just say no one wants drama and I understand that not everyone is like me I don't hold things against anyone and I don't get bias ur right I don't even know who has problem with who on here I am not trying to attack u personally I'm sorry if it looks that way but u seem like smart girl and u know when certain comments aren't exactly topic related since that's not what she was looking for ya know. Therefore if it was not said in first place it may have been avoided. It doesn't really matter who said what but the first comment of urs is what started it the mess. Things have been better around he maybe we can all focus on helping one another just like @frantastic asked and try set the differences aside. And once again please don't take this personally I'm just trying to help for future things and I would want someone to do the same thing for me if I ever hurt anyones feelings by a comment I would like to know so I can make it right ya know. Its ok this isn't big deal at all, let just all move on :)

  • FrantasticFrantastic March 2013

    It ok @ashley_smashley :) @jules you are such a sweet heart

  • julesjules March 2013

    @frantastic thanks I just want everyone to be happy and get along which I know is little dream land but it doesn't hurt to try right :)

  • candy101candy101 March 2013

    I went thru some if these aps and they are a life saver. I don't have anyone to babysit at my doctors appointments and a 18 month old getting into everything while I am on the table simply is not an option. Plus everyone was so surprised to see my lo using buttons on his toys a long time ago, they could not believe he knew how to use them. I think it is just a matter of making sure you limit access just like with tv. It is only me and my son most of the time so yep tv plays a role along with phone. That does not mean we don't go for walks, the zoo, and have play time it just means that I need to get things done and a toddler hanging on me doesn't work.

  • brodysmammabrodysmamma March 2013

    I use toddler lock and one called kids mode you can put kid games on it and it locks your phone only allowing them to access the games in that program and you can add more games to the program as well. Comes with free stories for them. You can even record your own stories for them to listen too. My son is 17 months and I put tom the talking cat on it cause he can talk to it and although it only repeats back what you say he loves it. Also has lots of learning games like colors and counting and ABCs pre programmed. I honestly love it. He can't access any ads that are on the games if he clicks it the ap directs him back to the main menu to chose a different game.

  • kenzie0713kenzie0713 March 2013

    @excitedforoctober I havent been on in a month and go figure...the first thing I read is a post where you respond with your condescending remarks...sigh...some things will never change.

  • @kenzie0713 oh well, welcome back!!!! :-bd ... And no things will never change, I will always speak my mind.

  • FrantasticFrantastic March 2013

    Once again, if you have nothing useful to say or help me with my question, on my post, please take your drama elsewhere. Thank you to everyone with helpful advice.

  • kenzie0713kenzie0713 March 2013

    @frantastic I was reading to respond to your post and came across the negativity. I actually do have useful things to say (nice smart remark) but once again my thought process was interrupted with the negativity and bs. Kid lock is a must have, allows them to draw, read books, watch movies, play games etc and best of all it locks your phone so that there are no accidental phone calls or anything.

  • Mallory27Mallory27 March 2013

    I like toddler colors (free) My baby piano (free) ABC Toddler (Free) My Baby phone (Free) and My baby drum (free) they are simple and she likes them and I find them educational for her as they are teaching colors numbers letters and music.

    Thanks for posting things I have been looking for new ones I just downloaded all the ones suggested here!

  • Mallory27Mallory27 March 2013

    @YNVTish said "peek a boo" there were so many! But I did find "peek a who" and its super cute!

  • trixiesmom8trixiesmom8 April 2013

    I have all of the ones that @mallory27 have posted, plus the toddler lock. I absolutely love them, they have come in handy multiple times. I am going to look into the peek a boo one now. Thanks for your post I've been thinking of getting new ones lately.

  • trixiesmom8trixiesmom8 April 2013

    We also use baby firework which is also free.

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