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  • Momeetob1Momeetob1 June 2013

    What are some cute ideas to tell your man your expecting another bby?

  • You can write it in a cute card and give it to him. Or maybe custom make a shirt that says you're expecting and wear it or vise versa?

  • sands3sands3 June 2013

    Make a shirt for your other child saying big brother/sister

  • I did a scavenger hunt for my husband I left a note on the front door and had a clue on the back with the word WE next was HAVE with the #2 underlined and written bigger! I left it on the back of a chair! Then the 3rd hint was A and I left it on the fridge and told him to look in the oven. He said he was scared to look he thought I had a paint ball gun or squirt gun ready to get him in the oven! (We were not trying for another baby I actually found out from my doctor when I was trying a different birth control so me telling him I was pregnant was the last thing on his mind) but I put a bun in the oven with the last hint that said in case you don't get it WE HAVE A bun in the oven!! So that's something cute I came up with but there are a million other ideas

  • WilsomomWilsomom June 2013

    That's too cute, @newmommie1014 I love it! :)

  • WilsomomWilsomom June 2013

    I made a card for my husband for #6 that said dear dad, thanks for the "genes". He totally didn't get it, thought one of the older kids was thanking him for a pair of jeans. Lol

  • Lol thank you @Wilsomom

  • starrxoxo9starrxoxo9 June 2013

    @wilsomom omg that is sooo funny!!!!!

  • julesjules June 2013

    I made big sign mustered color big construction paper made it look like something u would see on the side of the road it said baby on board and due date and had pink and blue balloons tied to it! He loves it!

  • Momeetob1Momeetob1 June 2013

    @newmommy1014 how fun!! bet he was shocked.
    @wilsomom lol what a good idea it prob would take my hubby a few min. To get it too
    @sands3 thats what I was gna do to the grandparents but wnted to do something diff for him.

  • Super cute! @newmommy1014

  • Get a big box on the outside address it to him and fill it with pink and blue balloons (with strings). Tie together one pink balloon and one blue and attach a note on the bottom of the string saying "Were Pregnant!!!!" Or "Look what the stork brought in." Something along those lines. Place those balloons in the middle of the box so when they all fly out he'll see the note easier. :) hopefully that makes sense i just made up the idea in my head lol.

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