please say a prayer for my son tonight

  • Please say a prayer for my son tonight he is having kidney surgery tmw at 830
    Im a nervous wreck and i am trying so hard to keep it together and not cry on top of being away from my daughter till we go home in a few days

  • WilsomomWilsomom September 2013


  • sands3sands3 September 2013

    Prayers for your little boy!

  • Thank you guys it means alot

  • julesjules September 2013

    Lots prayers! Keep us updated.

  • NylasMommyNylasMommy September 2013


  • ExcitedForOctoberExcitedForOctober September 2013

    He'll be in my thoughts. Update when you can.

  • debsdebs September 2013


  • musicmommamusicmomma September 2013

    lots of prayers for all of you!!!!

  • Thank you everyone ill keep you all updated!

  • adding1moreadding1more September 2013

    Hope everything goes good and he recovers fast.

  • pregojennpregojenn September 2013

    Hope things go well.

  • adri805adri805 September 2013


  • MommyLovesSparkleMommyLovesSparkle September 2013

    Prayers being sent ♥

  • Chelcie89Chelcie89 September 2013


  • WilsomomWilsomom September 2013

    Hope everything is going well, update when you can.

  • megaroomegaroo September 2013


  • sands3sands3 September 2013

    How's he doing?

  • Sorry I never updated been crazy busy but his surgery went great he was back up and running 2 days later! And a week later he got his drain tube taken out he was 100% back to normal :) have to go back the 4th for another ultrasound his urologist said the kidney still looked pretty hydronephrosis just hoping it was still swollen since it was only a week after surgery

  • sands3sands3 October 2013

    I'm glad he's doing better and praying his next ultrasound is good

  • Hope you get good news at the ultrasound.

    My LO recently had a VCUG to check for reflux, and good news is he has none so he's off the antibiotics now. He has an ultrasound scheduled for the end of December, so hoping we get good news too.

  • Thank you ladies! I really feel that it was still swollen from having surgery hopefully I'm rite this has been a tough 2 years watching all the things my son has had to go thru so I'm really hoping we don't have another set back
    @excitedforoctober did they say if he had a blockage? That was one of the first test cayden had and they found out he didn't have a reflux he had a blockage but his was stage 4 in both kidneys so his was pretty bad praying for good news for you! Keep me updated after his next ultrasound cayden goes Nov.4 for his next ultrasound

  • They said everything looked perfect after the VCUG, hoping we both get good news too :)

  • julesjules October 2013

    Glad it went well hope you get great news at the next appointment!!! Poor thing needs break from the doc for awhile. Lots prayers for him.

  • WilsomomWilsomom October 2013

    Hoping and praying for good news for both of you! @excitedforoctober @Mackenzies_mama2010

  • @wilsomom thank you :)

  • @mackenzies_mama2010 hi Hun, was wondering if you were still active. My son is having the same surgery in a month and I wanted to ask how your sons went when he had it.

  • hi everyone haven't been on in some time but wanted to update everyone after 3 years of surgeries And test my son has fully functioning healthy kidneys!
    @ExcitedForOctober how's our son doing? did his surgery go good?

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