breastpump experiences which brand and how well did it work?

  • mom2be_oct_babymom2be_oct_baby November 2013

    Just wanted to see what experiences u guys hace had with different breast pumps. Which would you recommend? I plan on ordering one or maybe request it as a baby shower gift. I'm leaning towards the new avent comfort pumps. I'm huge avent fan from when i had my 2 yr old ( did not breastfeed then) . She took really well to the bottles and they were one of my favorites. So just wanted to hear other options or even experiences with avent pumps or other brands .

  • PregnantELFPregnantELF November 2013

    I used Medela double electric in the satchel bag, absolutely loved it! I exclusively pumped for two months with it, plan on using it again with this baby if I need to!

  • julesjules November 2013

    I used and going to use my medela double electronic this time as well I have loved it as well! If you really like avent then go with that I dont have any friends or family or know anyone who has used that one so can't really give u a good opinion. Just make sure u can easily exchange it if anything goes wrong, and replacement parts can be found and cleaned easily. Ive never had any problems with mine but my friend did get me new accessories for it for this baby since I used the original once ive used for long time and its really inexpensive and easy to find :)

  • adri805adri805 November 2013

    I used a medela hand pump and i really liked it!!

  • luvmy5luvmy5 November 2013

    I have a Lansinoh and LOVE it!

  • RockiesPurpleRockiesPurple November 2013

    I love my medela and insurance companies cover breast pumps now so be sure to look into that before spending a bunch of money :)

  • Kimberly4411Kimberly4411 November 2013

    Yes! Call your insurance, if you get a person that says no call back, not all of them know the policy as well as they should.
    I just picked up my ameda purely yours today for free! I think it's like $275 retail, I could have paid $175 to upgrade to a medela but I said no

  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 November 2013

    I got the Ameda brand which worked pretty well. I got it for $130. I liked it also because you can use any bottle with it. You could also change the speed and 'strenght' of suction on it. The only annoying thing was that it would make a little beep sound with every pump

  • FateFate November 2013

    I have a Lansinoh double electric. Love it! I've used it for two babies and will use it again with this one. :)

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