wic vouchers stolen

  • burntoutmamaburntoutmama December 2011

    I'm so upset someone stole my wic vouchers out of my diaper bag and now the wic office refuses to replace them. We thankfully have enough cans of formula saved, but what if we didn't. I'm surprised they wouldn't at least print for stolen vouchers. I'm in total shock someone would steal vouchers :(

  • StarlillyStarlilly December 2011

    I'm sorry! That does suck. They won't help you at all?

  • Mommyo4Mommyo4 December 2011

    :-( that sucks! I thought they always replace them? I guess they can't prove right away that they were really stolen or used???

  • LilSugarsMommaLilSugarsMomma December 2011

    Wow, that is low. I can't believe they wouldn't print you more either.

  • Mimii36Mimii36 December 2011

    My wic office doesn't print out more either. I was told that in the beginning.

  • mommyof3JACmommyof3JAC December 2011

    Ppl are so ignorant now a days!

  • burntoutmamaburntoutmama December 2011

    Yeah they told me I would have to just deal with it, bc the rules had changed in October. I was told in August if stolen they would replace them, but as of October 1, 2011 they changed their policy. I had no clue, I just can't believe some idiot would steal wic vouchers, its just sad. We depend on it for the formula, so thankful we had some saved up. What piece of crap steals wic though??

  • drgonzo523drgonzo523 December 2011

    wow! stealing from a baby, that is lower than low!!

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  • StarlillyStarlilly December 2011

    SMH, I'm glad you had some saved up!

  • EzrasMommyEzrasMommy December 2011

    Can they even use the checks? I always have to show my folder and signature. That's horrible. Im sorry. Some people have no shame

  • Mommyo4Mommyo4 December 2011

    Some people suck! I'm sorry...I hope you can make it till next month.

  • That sucks! Did they steal your yellow book too?

  • StarlillyStarlilly December 2011

    @ExcitedForOctober what's yellow book?

  • LilSugarsMommaLilSugarsMomma December 2011

    @Starlilly I believe she's referring to the booklet that the vouchers come in. Mine is white, but it used to be yellow.

  • burntoutmamaburntoutmama December 2011

    I have to wait until Feb. before I can get anymore vouchers. It will use up all our milk supply, but praying we have enough to make it through. If not we will buy him what he needs, it just hard, bc hubby's car is in the shop. Thanks you guys I'm just so frustrated with people. I mean what do u do with gerber milk vouchers?? I also had my Wic vouchers and my 2 yr olds for January. So I know why they would use them, bc they r for milk, eggs, produce, etc. They took my book with the vouchers too. Stole it all. Its sad, next time I will freaking guard them like gold!!!

  • @Starlilly Yep, like @LilSugarsMomma said, the booklet they give you at WIC. :)

  • burntoutmamaburntoutmama December 2011

    @excitedforoctober they stole it all!!! :(

  • Wow thats sad, I never thought someone would steal them, but nowadays people will steal anything! ...do u know where u were at when they were stolen?

  • StarlillyStarlilly December 2011

    @LilSugarsMomma oh ok thanks! :)
    I'm sure they will get the milk and sell it!

  • Mommyo4Mommyo4 December 2011

    Its sad but I see people selling formula on Craigslist all the time...so they could make some $ off your formula.

  • LilSugarsMommaLilSugarsMomma December 2011

    Ughhh that is so messed up. I don't know how they will manage to do that since the signature is unique, but some people are so damn desperate they'll do anything. I hope they're busted in the process and you're given justice! (Or at the very least, the vouchers back!)

  • StarlillyStarlilly December 2011

    @LilSugarsMomma I'm sure whoever stole them knows someone who works at a store so they can use them.. People don't care anymore as long as they get theirs!! It's sad!

  • %5BDeleted+User%5D[Deleted User] December 2011

    Now that's sad...Some of the grocery stores in my area ask for ID even if you have the folder. I always put my vouchers in my purse.

  • burntoutmamaburntoutmama December 2011

    Lesson learned and I had them in my diaper bag when I went grocery shopping and then come home and they were gone. They were not where they could fall out. I just honestly never thought someone would steal them I assumed they couldn't be used. @lilsugarsmomma the wic office said they didn't care that they were stolen.

  • Wow wtf... people these days. Here in Nevada we have a wic card.. no vouchers you should ask your office to switch.

  • LilSugarsMommaLilSugarsMomma December 2011

    Wow. What state do you live in?

  • BambiBambi December 2011

    That sucks! I didn't even know wic used vouchers anymore. Mine are put on a card like the foodstamp card. So I go to the store pick my items and put my card in the credit card machine at the store at checkout and it calculates what is wic and what isn't. I even have to have a pin number for it

  • LilSugarsMommaLilSugarsMomma December 2011

    @Bambi and @MommyLovesSparkle That would be so nice, other states need to get with the program! Vouchers should be a thing of the past!

  • I agree :)

  • FateFate December 2011

    I know that is messed up. I am just hoping that it did not go to waste and wasn't sold. I hope they had a baby and didn't qualify for WIC for some odd reason and actually used it.

    I hope this never happens to you again. That is horrible and I'm glad you had some saved!!!

  • kayleigh27kayleigh27 December 2011

    Wow thats low. i agree with fates post though i hope someone who REALLY needed them used them not someone who can afford them. sad that people have to steal from people who need stuff like that for their families :(

  • burntoutmamaburntoutmama December 2011

    I live in SC gosh I wish they had a debit card it would be awesome. I hope someone could use them, but I bet it went to someone who is just gonna sell the formula on craigslist. Thanks u guys :)

  • CristinaLynnCristinaLynn December 2011

    Oh wow!!! The little stuff like cheese and milk I wouldn't care too much about, but I'd be pissed about the formula. That's expensive as hell!!! :-/

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